Token of Appreciation eternal shield bug

My friend Cid-Thunderhorn (EU) found an interesting bug that seems to be able to shield anyone forever without too many issues. Because he does not speak English too well, he asked me to prepare a bug report for him and then to post it here on the forums. We already reported this bug two weeks ago, but the bug still persists. I suppose someone at Blizzard should have a look into it and because this was overlooked in the bugreport, I’m posting it here.

When you have Theotar as your soulbind, you have the option to open Token of Appreciation. By default this should give your friends a buff if they cast some beneficial spell. However, here comes the fun part…

If you use some of your toys, this buff is cast on yourself and you get the shield EVERY TIME you use some of the toys. So you are able to cast shield on you with some toys every 1 second, making yourself practically invulnerable to not-lethal damage.

The toys my friend was able to identify to do this are the following:
Green Balloon (no CD, 0.5s cast), Yellow Balloon (no CD, 0.5s cast), Hourglass of Eternity, Laser Pointer, Party Totem, Pilfered Sweeper (automatic refreshing of the shield).

Additionally to this, when you are in Torghast and release the soul, you also get this shield - but in this cast it’s not something serious, as you can’t repeat it like with the toys.

I would like to ask Blizzard to check this, as I’m pretty sure it will get abused when this is known now.

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The bug was silently fixed. Thank you, Blizzard!
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