Tol dagor: The fourth key bugged

I don’t know if it’s the event, or what, but flynn doesn’t spawn in harbormasters office. I even abandoned the quest to try and do it again, but only wasted my time.

You perhaps have another quest involving Flynn so he is phased there. Check your active quests to see if any could be Flynn related, complete that and he should then be back in the office.

I have the same problem and at the time I had no other Flynn active quests.
People are reporting the same bug on wowhead since 9.0.2!

You can find Flynn near the expedition map but you cannot turn the quest in. he only offers the weekly expedition quest, which I finished too.

I have same problem. Only few days to shadowlands and now i cant finish my mount coz this bug

Yea, same for me, no matter if I have another flynn related quest or not, he just doesn’t spawn in there for me.

Also, have the same problem. Flynn does not appear at the Harbormaster’s office. Without this quest, I can not complete the storyline to unlock the new allied race.

Hey there,

This isn’t necessarily a bug, but rather related to your characters phasing. Following the steps in the following article should help.

Does that mean, it isn’t enough that you have the achivement.
So i have to unlock all quests and achivement with one char?

Is this for real? I came back for Shadowlands and bought the new Addon (have all) and pay a monthly fee. And you’re saying, i have to complete all this old quests from BFA, to be able to play a kul tirans? thats just…

Not only complete, but complete in one character.
I have part of the achievement in one character, and when I try to complete the quest, Flynn doesn’t spawn in harbormaster office. So I need to do again the entire Tiragarde Sound storyline.

All achievement should be account wise.


I finished Loremaster of Kul Tiras, yet A sound plan says it’s not unlocked eventhough it’s a part of Loremaster. Now i can’t talk to Flynn, which means i have to do everything on 1 character. Oh and btw, i found numerous bugs doing these storylines… while it’s been mentioned so many times! seriously considering quitting wow. Why pay a monthly sub… the game is great, but there’s so many problems and bad programmers at Blizz … also a very big lack of fixing problems and listening to the forums. Ridiculous

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