Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum Bonus Event Now Live

Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum Bonus Event Now Live

Venture into the halls of Torghast, Tower of the Damned to take part in a New Shadowlands Bonus Event.

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This will get so much hatred lol.

it is actually quite good. get pet with permanent bl and cleave and finish faster, saves time in fact.

This has been live since yesterday and is extremely poorly explained.

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Extremly poorly explained is everythimg in this game actualy :roll_eyes:


Waiting for wowhead to clarify if those things work in Twisting Corridors and if they eat your standard anima choices, or just add +1, for example.

Make no mistake, it is a flat buff for me, as it is additional undead pet but I have no idea about the details.

Actually for the first ever I want to log in and try Torghast to see what this is about. But maybe that’s just me.

No thank you. No snoreghast/choreghast for me

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Not for me, but GL to those who give it a go! :muscle:

Did it yesterday with the pets, and it did’nt feel like they really helped at all.

I bumped into this last night, and fortunately was with a group so decided to take one of the unexpected powers. I have absolutely no idea whether it worked out well. Pet seemed to spend most of it’s time not attacking anything, but maybe that’s because I’m a healer?

Had I been solo, I’d have just taken the starter power that I knew was going to work out. Not going to gamble on stuff and risk the run.

If you want to push these, they need to not have competition. Like, you can have an event power AND a regular one.

Edit: to clarify; the idea of events is good and I like it, but the implementation needs more thought because a lot of people will just… not take the event starter power and will never know about it. People do not want to risk failing a run by trying an experimental power who’s strength is not clear.

I am already opening salt mine :salt: :salt: :salt:
I see a lot of potential

everyone’s favorite content /cheer

Does this award anything at all to be considered even checking?

Comments on wowhead says it does NOT work in TC.


Give us 50% more ash or something, this is useless.

The special abilites of each beast seems fine and fairly noticable, but their regular melee attacks hit for 70 (yes, seventy damage) and there are a bunch of powers that increase this by a percentage. These powers are then completely useless since doubling or tripling such a low number is still a low number. Really dissapointing to see such a basic part of it nonfunctional, and the fact that the runs were still trivial didn’t help…

meh. feels like they’re just trying to push a bad idea into being a good one. desperation. as much as i joke about warfronts and the islands, i enjoyed them more than whatever this is

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You see ? We got it Tuesday, same as US and nobody has complained about it. Do it for mythic race to world first too.

From what I have seen, they do “eat” your standard choices and my pet was quite weak with 5-6 anima powers… Took it once, never again unless they get massively buffed