Torghast bugged?

I have the same thing

Sylvanas had change of heart and now they making baby with Anduin so you are kicked out to not see such mature stuff :smiley:

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At this point, wouldn’t be surprised.

Yes, same here. I tried a few times to enter Mort’regar (solo) on the Thrall questline but got kicked after a minute or so. At first I thought it might be because the “instance” was full or something? I should mention I tried floor 8. Not sure if it’s affecting all floors?

Bugged for me too.

Midway during Floor 1 of Twisting Corridors I got a loading screen that kicked me out at the entrance.

Activision at it again.

One more to the fray. Same here, being pushed out less then a minute after entering.

Same here… tried like 50 times

Same problem here, unable to finish the intro quest to torghast.

Still not working for me.

same, not working … !!!

Same problem as stated by OP. Getting kicked from every layer I try within the first 30-60 seconds. Annoying.

Not working, same for layer 1 or 8 … kick after few seconds.

Same goes for scenario’s to unlock allied races. I cant complete the void elf scenario as it keeps kicking me out

Still not fixed… long sigh*

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Does this mean I can skip Torghast this week without feeling guilty?

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Not yet and dont know when they gonna fix

Same here trying the one that Thrall suppose to be in , i got kicked less then a minute, a guildie tried 5 times kicked , defenetly bugged .

Nah, I wouldn’t think that

This is silly, last week hunts were bugged now Torghast is bugged?

Blizz, are we actually going to be able to play this game at any point?


Same issue for me mate, I got kicked out 3 times from L8 Skoldus Hall while I was solo.