Torghast groups?


Are all torghast groups “Rush, Rush, Rush” ?

Just wondering… as i’ve been too scared to try out torghast groups yet… and have just been soloing everything, as i enjoy to collect all powers on every floor.

Generally speaking yes.
People who want to chill and go at their own pace play solo. You group thinking it’ll be faster with more people.

yes, for the most time. if you want to go slow in a group you either create your own group, stating you want no rushers and take it slow or play with your friends/guild mates.

I market my groups as guided tours of Torghast to RP players, then I get to walk slowly and show them around with no pressure. :thinking:

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To be fair, a group that is rush rush rush to the point of not collecting most of the powers… is gonna have a hard time.

Sure, occasionally there’s a long hall full of elites with 1 power at the back. Maybe you want to skip that. But if you’re skipping past the solo rare mob for “time”? You’re probably losing some by not killing it. If you’re in a party, odds on it’s someone’s good power, and that’s nice to have later.

Grouping with guild or community members seems the way to go to set your own pace, though. Or just list it as “chill run” and a lot of the rushers will ignore it.

No, not every single one is. But those without descriptions = always will be.

Just join those that says chill, any other group will always be instant zerg rushing.

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