Torghast Highest Layer Now Unlocked for Alts

With a hotfix that is now live, we’ve implemented a highest-layer-sharing system for players who wish to plunder Torghast on multiple characters.

Now, when you’ve completed a Torghast layer on any character on your account, your other characters will have access to it (as long as they meet the usual requirements for Torghast).

Players who have been running Torghast regularly should now find their highest layer available on their alts. This unlock sharing can’t look back very far though, so if you haven’t run Torghast in a while, you’ll need to complete a run on your main, and you’ll then see the higher layers available on your alts.

Please note: Twisting Corridors remains separately shared to alts, and completing Twisting Corridors only will not grant access to normal layers for other characters on the account.


Because after the nerf layer 8 is getting trivial quickly and most alts would just walk straight in there.

Oh the joy… I’m soooo excited about this, more runs in Torghast, thank you!

Honestly though, I’m happy for this change. having to do 1-8 was a pain in the a$$.

there there… 1 more month of the current madnes and they will change more.

How many more months it is needed for Blizz to admit the failure with mythic+ loot?

I can dig it.

Whay say ye about these loot changes though Kaivax ? Is this it for the forseeable future or ?

This is an awesome change, lots of happy people in my guild right now!

A few more tweaks to a few more things would make SL even better.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Good change , keep them coming.

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Alrighty - no more 1 to 8 grind on each toon.

This is a good thing, thank you Blizzard.

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If only I had the time for an Alt… :frowning:

Great now let us finally send honor to alts, because honor is literally worthless to main characters. Actually not even just worthless, it’s a straight up detriment to mains at this stage.

It’s capped at 15k which all we do is spend it on weapons and upgrade them to vendor them so we can stay under the cap to actually complete the damned generate honor quests and vault.

Just let us send honor to alts so we can actually spend the honor in a meaningful way not to mention drastically increase the quality of random bgs so it’s not absolutely toxic to try play a random bg since its 160 ilvl players vs 210+ players.

Just do it already, you want to claim this is an alt friendly expansion? prove it, let us send honor to alts.


Yeap I’ve been buying weapons and vendoring them (I’m a scrub unrated pvper and I max it out quickly with no reason to use it now) . It should be account bound (or we can buy tokens to send to alts, even at a slightly increased cost. )

Finally some good news. Good change. Just lvled my mage and was thinking about leaving it there because of needing to go 1-8 thru thorgast.

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I don’t understand this request at all. Alt friendly doesn’t mean “instantly gear freshly dinged alt to almost Normal raid ilvl”. And isn’t gearing up part of the fun with alts? It is for me. Considering an evening of EBGs will give you a 197ilvl piece of gear, why do we even need to send honour to alts?

You don’t understand the request because you don’t pvp anywhere near enough to constantly sit at honor cap on your main, having to constantly buy weapons and upgrade them just to then vendor the item so that you can stay under a 15k cap just so you can gain honor for the vault and honor quests.

You also do not strike me as a person who cares that they are completely dead weight to their team expecting 9 other people to carry you in content that requires actual team work as you slowly grind your way from 158ilvl gear to 197ilvl gear against opponents who are all sitting in the 210+ region.

All while buying weapons and vendoring them on your main, and fyi it costs over 90k honor to buy and fully upgrade every ilvl piece, you’re not instantly gearing anything without a bit of commitment to it. Despite that, instantly gearing alts to 197 only benefits the quality of current random bgs which are absolutely gutter tier because of people trying to get carried through the honor grind.

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Here just today i wrote about how sl is generally a bad exp for alts. And here’s a good change. I hope that there will be more positive changes that will be more significant.

Good change, but it should have happened much much sooner.

Dear blues over yonder.

My hope dims somber.

Give me infinite wonder.

Give me infinite Torghast.

This is nice.

“How about the TC questline account wide? How about torghast tuning to make more useful anima powr for various classes who struggles? How about…”

Wait, I really don’t care about that place :slight_smile: