Toxic change to public work orders enables scams!

There is an indicator in the UI stating if they offer materials or not.

This is not Blizzard making crafting toxic, this is players making it so, and players ruining it.

There is an addon that you can use to filter out orders who dont provide mats (not sure why this wasnt thought of by blizz) called:
‘public orders reagents column’
You can download it on curseforge

Yeah this patch kinda killed public orders. There are hundreds of them and in no way i’m going to click on each one to see who provided mats and who didn’t.

The thing is that the personal order tab has a column for reagents where it can show if the buyer provided “All/Some/None”. I don’t know why they didn’t add this to the public order aswell

If the ignore thing actually puts players on ignore, my list is growing fast.

Even messaged a couple stating they would be on ignore and not get any crafting done from myself and most likely other crafters so good luck in the future! No response, possible bots?

To nobody’s suprise folks are posting public work orders with next to none materials provided and 1-10g commission. Simply enabling quality restrtirctions and making your daily public craft limit reset all at once instead of this could have been an improvement…

Bad Change. Ripping out the last bit of fun in professions if you dont want to spam chat all day for private orders. Stopped locking into public cause 99% is trash and and no longer worth the time.

Absolute horrible change. Crafting orders were practically destroyed. Following must be changed:

  1. Auto-commission prices based on the non-provided materials summary, that’s taken from the AH.
  2. Remove “amount” cap of the orders that you can complete once a day. Instead, provide a list of orders once a day that a crafter can complete, if they wish for/have recipes to.
  3. Add “Skip this order” option with 3 skips per day, in case you get duplicate orders or don’t want to complete them.
  4. Your crafting order list resets once in 24 hours.

With this, there’s no “monopoly” in the crafting order system, crafters are not punished with these dubious decisions, compensated for the completion of the orders (by being protected by the system) against scam.

These four changes should improve the system imo.

For me, nothing can ever change the system, it stinks to hell.

no, no, cap is great - it saves crafters from make orders for 100g :slight_smile:
public orders = system for customers which dont need max quality and for crafters which dont need gold :slight_smile:

To be fair if I see an item on public I can craft, I’ll throw a /w over and say that they can send it to me personal anyway. Most do it and often with it being a low item it’s more likely for the max proc for cheap tips, and as the crafter you get more numbers towards the achis for amounts crafted & resourcefulness procs! Win win

BTW it would be a good idea to add a deposit (100-500g) (non-refundable in case the order is not completed) for public orders
This would solve the problem of mass placements of public orders without reagents on the principle of “let it hang, I’m not losing anything”

if we did this tho what price should blizzard put on the artisans mettle if its not included?

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