Trading post - where are my things?

Same here, items from last months are gone, I didnt find my flail mace too, and more…

Same ash’adar is just a green square (i dont even see it when my friends are on it) and the cape just disappeared from my transmog nice :slight_smile:

TBH Im not even going to head over to the Trading Post til I see a blue post about whats going on.
Kinda pointless to go shopping when Im not sure if I will keep the stuff!

My problems:
The item I chose to freeze is gone.
Ash’Adar mount has a green icon and can be summoned, but is invisible.
Garrlok pet has a green icon, and when summoned shows as a blue/white-squared box.
Celestial Steed is in collection, looks ok and is summonable.

I have also lost the items I bought last month, and the item I froze is also gone.

I lost them too but waiting for the hotfix

Is there a confirmed hotfix incoming? I’m a little bit salty atm, so just logged an alt to give me head some rest… yes, I also got “disconnected from Blizzard services” and I am tired and exhausted after a long day, so not dealing with bugs very well tonight!

I’ve encountered the same issue, so has some, but not all of my friends who got stuff from the trading post last month. It’s bloody annoying since some of the transmogs that have been made relies on the items. As well as it just looks silly to float around the world when trying to mount Ash’Adar…

my Celestial Steed has gone, yeah i got that from the shop. Hey blizzard could u not be garbage for 10 seconds??

We believe that this is a display issue on the previously-locked item. It’s still there, but you can’t see it until we fix the bug.

We expect that once the bug is fixed, you’re going to need to log out and log back in to see the previously-locked item.

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To me it looks like a missed opportunity for an engineering recipe.
Goblin hover boots!
(I would love a mount that was just a pair of boots with smoke shooting out of them!)


This game is getting more and more ridiculously tiresome. Every patch breaks more than it fixes. I lost many of the transmogs I bought, the frozen staff disappeared, mount is invisible. I fear to even complete the monthly 1k trader thing for harlequin mog set, because of its sure disappearance the next month kek. Meh. The hell do we pay 13 € for? If I wanted beta or test realm I would install them and play there ffs. I think my days of quitting this game permanently are coming closer and closer.

EDIT: The mount is visible, the transmogs and the freezed items are back in their places. At least for now. We’ll see what happens next time.

I got 500 on the chest when it began, then burned out myself that I filled to 1000 points, bought black hood and Fury of the Firelord

Now I am stuck that i cannot get trader points until April

I got 500.

Blizzard Quality ™ soon the code will Unravel it self from all the years of ineptitude and wow will implode into nothingness every expansion they keep breaking the previous expansion stuff and not fixing it

At least for me all those issues are now fixed.

Have they fixed this yet?

Edit: They have, my things are back, even my transmoged item has its appearance back.

I had a quest, I went to the trading post, clicked a chest and got 1500, then turned in the quest and lost the 250 from the quest :frowning:

I think the sums are still calculated incorrectly.

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