Trading post - where are my things?

Ok so, whats happening o.o

Am afriad to touch anything now lol… My Ash’adar mount icon has turned green… and when I mount him, my character swims around in the air at high speed lol

Both cape sets and wrist corsage I bought are gone and showing ‘?’ on my character.

…And to top it all off, the celestial mount that I froze, is gone :frowning:

What do we do now, my profile on here is glowing red lol


Same here, all purchased trasmogs gone, my orc is standing around in her undies… cat mount is invisible… frozen item (purple staff) gone

Same with my main character, all the vagabond transmogs, frozen item disappeared

Froze the pirate ensemble and now its gone havebt checked on the other stuff yet #smallindiecompany

Mine too. My Kul Tiran Shaman is now standing in Valdrakken in her knickers and feels ashamed.

Also noticed my frozen item wasn’t there, now I’m worried what else disappeared :smile:

Yep mine also dissappeared, and the item that I froze from last time too.
And the Ash’adar mount is still in my collection but invisible, Celestial Steed works fine but probably only because it was already ingame available via the shop.

Frozen item gone +1

Ash’adar shows in my mount list - without an icon - I can mount it, but without mounting it, and with the movement modifier, and being able to ‘fly’ - the dismount button activates, so everything is working except applying the model.

The flaming flail & The humble hammer - or whatever these items were called - both gone from my appearances collections.

If only I could link screenshots to illustrate.


I also want to the say the Traveler’s log stuff to do it’s all mythic + related mostly for the most points

Out of the 12 activities rewarding 200+ points, 2 of them are M+ related.

80% of it is DF end content related stuff only

Out of the 50 total activities, close to half (23) wouldn’t even require you to own Dragonflight. Out of the remaining 27 activities, 18 are nowhere near “end content” and include stuff like dragon races.

It sucks that the mogs are temporarily unavailable, but the system in place is great.

MY frozen item was gone
However my mount and pet are here but

but my cloak is gone. nice…

Everything I bought from the trading post last month has disappeared.

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Yea, i dont remember how much i had from last month but it was more than 500.

Today i clicked on the chest, looted the 1000 but i only have 900 now ?!

Edit : AND i lost all appearances that i had from february. Mace, The mount is invisible with a green icon

what a waste…

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I bought a back piece last month and it also disappeared from my character.

Same here, lost my fiery flails too, the only reason I leveled this character :frowning: Now I am fighting bare hands

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Yep all lost…

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yup frozen item not showing for me either but my guess is that they’re already aware and will soon get it fixed

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The main question is, do we have to deal with this now every month when the trading post gets updated? That would be kinda annoying tbh.

Lucky you, i only got 500 today - still gives me enough to get the fel plate armour mog and the pocket Dalai Lama toy (monk thing) with the carry over from last month

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Thanks for the posts everyone.
I was indecisive if I should buy anything this month.
I guess the answer is no.