Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

Updated November 22

Free Character Transfers are now available from Jin’do to Thekal.

Updated 7 October

To prevent further overcrowding, the following additional realms have been locked for transfers:

  • Earthshaker
  • Everlook
  • Flamegor
  • Mograine

New character creation is still available on these realms.

Updated 29 September

At about 04:00 CEST today, we intend to disable the Thekal to Jin’do Free Character Transfer path. It will not be possible to initiate a transfer from Thekal to Jin’do after that time.

Updated 24 September

In order to help players prepare for overcrowding coming with the launch of Northrend content on Tuesday, we’ve enabled the following Free Character Transfers.

Everlook Amnennar PvP
Everlook Ashbringer PvP
Everlook Chromie Normal
Everlook Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Everlook Lakeshire Normal
Everlook Transcendence PvP
Firemaw Amnennar PvP
Firemaw Ashbringer PvP
Firemaw Chromie Normal
Firemaw Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Firemaw Lakeshire Normal
Firemaw Transcendence PvP
Flamegor Amnennar PvP
Flamegor Ashbringer PvP
Flamegor Chromie Normal
Flamegor Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Flamegor Lakeshire Normal
Gehennas Amnennar PvP
Gehennas Ashbringer PvP
Gehennas Chromie Normal
Gehennas Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Gehennas Lakeshire Normal
Gehennas Transcendence PvP
Golemagg Amnennar PvP
Golemagg Ashbringer PvP
Golemagg Chromie Normal
Golemagg Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Golemagg Lakeshire Normal
Golemagg Transcendence PvP
Hydraxian Waterlords Lakeshire Normal
Venoxis Amnennar PvP
Venoxis Ashbringer PvP
Venoxis Chromie Normal
Venoxis Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Venoxis Lakeshire Normal
Venoxis Transcendence PvP

While we intend to keep these Free Character Transfers open through the next two days and until the launch of Northrend content, we strongly encourage players who wish to use a Free Character Transfer to do so as soon as possible. Free Character Transfers may be closed without warning as we continue to evaluate the populations of realms.

Updated 19 September

Free Transfers to Mograine and Ashbringer are temporarily closed while we address a bug with those specific routes.

Updated 16 September

In response to overwhelming feedback from players, Free Character Transfers are now available from Thekal to Jin’do. We will monitor this transfer connection very closely, and it may be closed without notice.

Free Character Transfers are no longer available from Mograine to Transcendence, Patchwerk, Amnennar, or Flamegor.

Updated 15 September

Free Character Transfers to Mograine are now available for Alliance characters only, and Free Transfers to Ashbringer are available for Horde characters only. The table below has been updated to reflect all currently-available Free Character Transfers.

Updated 13 September

To reduce further overcrowding, we’ve temporarily disabled new character creation on the Fresh Start realm Thekal. New or returning players who wish to try out a Fresh Start on a PvP realm may select the Jin’do realm when it opens (soon), or the Giantstalker realm if they’d like a bit less PvP.

Updated 17:15 CEST – 8 September

We will close all free transfers from Firemaw at 21:00 CEST today (8 September). Firemaw has been approaching our target for maximum population.

Adjustments have been made to some high-population realms in this region.

To prevent further overcrowding, we are now restricting transfers to:

Pyrewood Village

We expect to lift this restriction when these realms are no longer experiencing extended queues.

We strongly encourage players who wish to use a Free Character Transfer to do so as soon as possible. Free Character Transfers may be closed at any time without warning.


Enough with the failed attempts to move people already.


Firemaw had no queues that I saw (could be wrong) so don’t see why we have blocked transfers STILL. I’ve been waiting ages for this to go away not confirm it’s staying.


I feel like this has to be, the auction house in orgrimmar is dead no gems and very overpriced seen a green game for 700g buy out.


You can’t be serious. We have waited literally 100 days to move alts to Firemaw and you now post an extended lock announcement?



It’s not about queues, gems or a “green game for 700g buy out”, it’s about the fact that 2 months ago they opened server but they DIDN’T open transfers despite it being a top6 server by population while top1-5 had transfers open, and now we got told that they just closed THEM AGAIN?
what does it mean??? They didn’t know that they didn’t open them 2 moths ago?


Stuck on Gehennas with the only option of free tranfer is to go to Morgaine which has much of the same problem as the server I am on. The option to go to Hydraxian Warlords isn’t showing up atm.


Whats wrong with gehennas?


And I told a friend today, as soon as possible i would run away from Firemaw. He wasn´t happy… :see_no_evil:


What is the point of blocking transfers if you are able to create new characters? I was waiting for pre-patch to transfer one of my alts from Golemagg to Gehennas and now I am stuck and cannot move it to my new server. Yet people can create new characters and boost them with absurdly bad gear and DOUBLE the price.


Either the table is not correct, or the transfers - i can not escape from Firemaw to Hydraxian Waterlords!


Lmao you guys are crazy. Firemaw? Really? You should have restricted transfers to certain realms 9 months ago before 10 servers died, lmao. I give up honestly.


This post honestly feels like a slap across the face. Firemaw has been locked for a 100 days despite it having lost half of its population within the past month. In the past few weeks there have been several threads with hundreds of replies on the forums asking for it to be unlocked, all the reasons and concerns were clearly laid out in front of you and yet you decided to ignore all those and give us no reply. Even contacting Blizzard support didn’t help because they tell you to post about it on the forums.

After all that, you finally announce that you’re extending Firemaw’s transfer restrictions? This almost feels like a joke. There isn’t even a good reason to lock Firemaw because it has no queues. I really hope that the staff in Blizzard reflects on this situation, this is absolutely unfair to all those who have been waiting for a 100 days for a staff member to reply and properly address this problem.


what are you even doing ???
how about patchwerk / ashbringer / and all those dead realms? we created tons of topics about it. do something for us not these high pop realms


I transfered to Mograine 2-3 months ago, server is completely dead, would not recommend


If you like or participate in rp and want to play on a small (PVE) server, you should go to Hydraxian Waterlords. Otherwise you absolutely should not. It really is a lot smaller than what you are used to.

Check out the HW forums for discord links and stuff, if you want to come over or have any questions.


Greetings Kaivax,

and a big thanks for nothing. As someone in here mentioned before, there are serveral topics on dead servers with low populations like for ex Patchwork. There you offered some weeks ago spontaniously free transfers and most people left. Some people have privat issues like vacations in that time or simply did not play and return for wotlk just now to a empty server.
I hope those people simply turn around and quit right away, I will do now. Information policy on blizzard side is smelling like a very nasty place this days. No answers in threads, no realy answers in tickets. I prefere to give the 13€ monthly to some social aid from now on, they at least thank me for that.


Firemaw has not had queues for 90 days, go ahead. :slight_smile:


Yes! really hope this helps queues at Gehennas. :slight_smile: