Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

Well, im paying a mothly fee to wait 10hr queue after work xD

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I’m paying a monthly subscription for NOT playing with friends & guild… =(


I understand your frustration but do you want 15k+ queues like on Gehennas?

Because Pyrewood has a queue now as well, I just checked…

Check now bro :joy:

Pyrewood Village is way overcrowded. It’s like 15 minutes just to log on…

At about 04:00 CEST today, we intend to disable the Thekal to Jin’do Free Character Transfer path. It will not be possible to initiate a transfer from Thekal to Jin’do after that time.

Nice I respect that, atleast an announcement. Good to see some improvement.

Now please, what can be done regarding Mograine? Guildies are still unable to pay to transfer here from 16k queues on Gehennas… Would gladly appreciate some enlightment here, since there was a bug due to which they couldn’t transfer.

Hordes were already not able to transfer by the time the “bug” was announced, already on the 15th only alliance could transfer, which also would be assumed to include paid due to the current imbalance.

We’ll have queues as soon they re-enable transfer for alliance only. If they even allow more hordes then the server will be another 90% horde 10% alliance which is kek im out since i’m tired of getting ganked as is.

Please allow paid transfers to Pyrewood Village.


But why? Litterally had to move to jindo to start with friends but the server got like 500 ppl online. Let me reverse the transfer, jindo is a ghost town soon.

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Who’s IDEA was it to force me into a Hydraxian Waterlords RP server because you merged servers and made them less, ONLY TO THEN! force me to transfer to a GERMAN server…that doesn’t speak my lanague, I salute your work…screwed my character from classic over, simply cannot play it cause of the lack of players.


It seems, it is actually closer to 2000 each faction at prime time.
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Because its full they Just dont communicate it

Ashbringer is a Haven for all WHO want to escape the toxicity of Gehennas and want a balanced Server with aliance and Horde to finally have a nice gameplay experience.

This Server will be great If blizzard handles it correctly


I am exactly in the same boat haha. I logged on after a break during TBC to find I have been dumped on this dead server. All while my guildies and friends transferred to Firemwaw a while back, which now seems to be locked indefinitely. My WotLK experience has been pretty short lived.

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For real now Blizzard, please unlock Thekal. The only purpose of the lockout was to prevent overcrowding and queues. Now that the queues have been gone for weeks and you also disabled transfers to Jin’do, please, do this for the late joiners (like me) that are so eager to play with their long time friends, join their guilds, and level up in time for Naxxramas. You can always lock the servers again, but right now, there is no issue with the overcrowding. At least give us a hint when we can expect the server to be unlocked… @kaivax

Having been on more than one dying/dead servers has cost me, outside of the money spend on transfers, more enough frustrations on be it recruitement, be it group forming, be it the economy.

As a result my guild finally halted the frustrations by going (thus paying once more for another transfer, with more than one character) to a server with a then unproblematic server population. To eventually end up in nothing more than a rediculous queue.

A queue that could have been foreseen and anticipated upon by you @Blizzard which hasnt been done. We all pay for our migrations and our contribution each month so you Blizzard, are able to maintain our basically rental fun.

But instead we have gotten lag, unfunctioning auction houses, silly bugs and a few other things. But most of all we’ve gotten a dead duck to play with and nothing really worth our money. Yet we remain loyal or addicted and keep comming back and still p(l)ay.

Now my question is, when does this stop being a cashgrab and when will you start to understand or start with listening to your players?

It is not really that hard to comprehend that we as players, even when the queue to log in is so rediculously large that it disables up to 15k players a day on Gehenas to play the game while we all pay our fees. Start to understand we do not want to be on a dying or dead server to start with, that is exactly what got us in this situation.
Yes, we chose to be on Gehenas out of the prior frustrations. But you as a company chose to Instead of taking preventive actions (like merging dying servers which have been done in the past) to gladly watch us migrate earning the sweet transfer fees along the way and knowing - or at the very least be able to predict this was about to happen just by looking at the past, accounts and characters on the server- this was about to to happen. After the servers bled to death you happily closed them down.

The players of course could have seen it coming from a mile away, also by just looking at the past. But perhaps we saw a hail mary in layering and having no insights in the sleeper accounts of the server’s population the queue estimates are kinda hard to predict.

So at the very least let us then start filling up servers that have a couple of thousand players instead of a mere 100. That would at least entice a load more players to migrate then toppling themselves in a hell of empty auction houses and no groups to run dungeons or quests with.

Do something for your players. Something more than a blue/twitter post. Or pretent.

@Qcumbear: Players of the former Celebras are not going to like that note, at least the ones, who can speak English. They were (at least mostly) happy on their relatively speaking not very big RP realm and were not bleeding to death. In fact, many of them are still very sour about “the Celebras massacre”. :frowning:

@Qcumbear: Not everyone wants a supermegaomega bursting from all seems sized realm, either.

And as for this… Mograine already went from “Low” to “Full”… and Ashbringer has already grown to “Medium”. As such, as I have noted in multiple threads now, Ashbringer is an entirely valid option, especially vs 10 hour queues. Thousands of players have already transferred / (re)rolled. Several of them have even posted about it in this (and other) thread(s). For the time being, if you do not want be stuck in multihour queue and English PvP is your thing then Ashbringer is calling for you. :wink:


After morgraine went from full to dead. And we came from ashbringer for a reason.

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