Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

Mission accomplished, I guess.

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Because Blizzard finally realized, that they where smarter back then then today and that the population should distribute equally.
Back then Paid Servertransfer where still only limited to transfers to lesser populated realms so the only way to “escape” from a low server whas to start your progress from 1 again.
What started this megaserver thing whas that you can pay to get anywhere and so transmigrate to High Servers to make them way overfilled megaservers.


Seems blizzard doesn’t want my 25€, My Guild & Friends are on Pyrewood and will now raid without me :frowning: Thanks blizzard to ruin my classic exp

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I understand that Blizzard is aiming for a equally distributed population… but imo that is (should be) what the “Free Character Transfer” is for.

If you “pay” for a transfer, you want value for your money. Why should you pay for a transfer only to end up with the options to transfer to a server you dont even wanna play on.?

Then we would be better of waiting for a “Free Transfer” window to open, and save our money for better things in real life. :slight_smile:


That is still the point of free transfers.

Because you want to play with your RL friends. Back then the payed transfers where when either you play on a locked server but got no transfers because just like before with Faction Specific transfers to Ashbringer and Morgraine maybe your friend plays on a server there are only free transfers to the other faction. So either him or you can then pay to get together. That whas back then the point of the restricted payed transfers. To prevent overfilled servers but allowing players to get back together without the needing

To prevent further overcrowding, the following additional realms have been locked for transfers:

  • Earthshaker
  • Everlook
  • Flamegor
  • Mograine

New character creation is still available on these realms.


last night i bought a transfer to Mograine but it hasnt complete and now it says error char transfer saying this realm not accepting transfers!

Earthshaker has never had a single queue.

Curious decision to lock it for transfers but not new bot… I mean new characters.


My friend group transferred to Mograine from Gehennas, but I had to sit in a queue to disband the guild before I could purchase the transfer, this was within about 3 hours of each other, is there anything that can be done?

I have characters already on the realm, is my Gehennas main stranded now?

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Yes, it is. They’re not going to pay someone to fix your game and it can’t be automated without someone making a system to make it automated.

But why lock the realm if you already have a character on that realm? Why does it matter? If I play my main transferred to mograine, or an alt I already had, it’s still a server spot. Just a question of which character.


I wish I knew.

Not even locked for new bots to be made either so I don’t get any of it.

From what I understand they can’t filter out who has got a character on the target realm and who hasn’t, to know who would be eligable for a transfer and who wouldn’t.
They can’ only turn it on or off for everybody, not filter out some.

Shame no info about Thekal yet

I believe in the past during TBC this was doable. I might be wrong but 99% sure our realm had this at some point.

Either way just smells of incompetence.

why isnt it the same for Thekal(talking about character creation)? IMO, most people arnt rerolling on a fresh server after the freshness has gone away. The only people who want to play on Thekal are the people who want to play with their friends, who werent able to play until after the server locked. Meaning, the queues arent gonna explode. Could you atleast explain the reasoning behind it still remaining locked?

I used a free transfer from Firemaw to Mograine but only managed to bring half of my characters.
Also, Mograine is locked but is extremely unbalanced between Horde and Alliance to the point where it is almost unplayable at times for Alliance players. Shouldn’t it only be locked for Horde character creation/transfers?

I would love to either free transfer my Alliance characters from Firemaw or just migrate all my characters to a new, more balanced server, out of Firemaw and Mograine altogether.

Also, if you offer free transfers to solve an issue with overpopulated servers, such as Firemaw, please make sure the servers we’re transferring too don’t become unplayable… I was reluctant to transfer out of Firemaw with fear of finding an empty server in the medium/long run. The server is now overpopulated but only with the opposite faction, which is the same as empty. I struggle to find groups for content and to do world activities (even though I enjoy consistent world pvp, it is extremely one-sided).

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Hey how can you close earthshaker from migrating my own characters from other servers? if u have an 80 u should be able to transfer rest of you chars, shame


Me and a friend intended to transfer to Earthshaker from Ashbringer, I transferred, he tried to transfer a few hours later, now I am stuck on a different server and cannot play with my friend. Is there anything that can be done to alleviate this?

Allow payed tranfers for people that already have characters on a server.

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