Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

Open to create new characters, not open to existing characters for transfer .

well yeah, but still, not even new characters can be created right now

Oh that’s new, it gets worse every day.

Hello Blizzard,

I want to transfer my UD rogue 70 to earthshaker that has a low population on horde so extremely that I never see them on my Human Paladin yet horde can’t transfer aswell.

Alliance I do understand that difference is SUPER big. When will you guys open transfer to earthshaker.



I would like to transfer from Mograine Horde to Venoxis Horde to play with my friends. Are there any news regarding the paid transfer restrictions to Venoxis? When will it be lifted? Thank you!

Fresh start players may now resume creating new characters on the Thekal realm.


it’s to late, you can already merge jin’do with thekal


Great news, thank you for listening to the players feedback :).

Have a great weekend!

Now only thing left to do is unlocking either firemaw or earthshaker so alliance players can play the game again. I dont want to learn french and xfer to sulfuron but im contemplating it


Hello. Can you tell please what about paid transfers to Earthshaker, Firemaw? Queues have been gone for weeks. Or what about transfer for alliance to Mograine?
Alliance is dead on this server and in despair. Please listen to the players.
Thank you.

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unlock transfers to mograineeeee


I don’t think you’re monitoring the realm statuses at all, because this clearly changes nothing.



So why isn’t Pyrewood Village Re-opened ?


If you are Alliance and want to come to Mograine then you should be grateful to Blizzard for saving you from yourself…

No, I am already stuck on Mograine. But if ~5-7k alliance players could be transferred here from mega-servers this will be healthy near faction-balanced realm how it was in “classic”.
But now Blizzards buried all possibilities for alliance players. Close transfers to another realms, transfer for alliance to this server and don’t add “faction change” service

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At this point i gave up. They won. I’m just gonna abandon my old character gonna ignore all the things i put into it and just level one from 1 to join for my mates. Gonna take months for them to realize things.


100% agree with you, im stuck on gehennas and I literally can’t play my alliance char. They made it a sologame for me and its time to unsub from this pserver

So i have a lvl 70 shaman orc on hydraxian waterlords and the server is absolutely dead. I see there is a free character transfer but this is to a german server Lakeshire, yay. And i am not german. I play with my friends on Earthshaker Alliance and i would like to move my character there. I was waiting for the faction change feature to be implemented. But this seems not to happen anytime soon. When i try to move my character by a payed transfer is says Earthaker is not accepting character transfer at this time. I find this dumb… I put a lot of time in my shammy and i would love to continue playing with this character. please help blizz


Merge thekal + jin’do, or enable transfers