Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

Though to be fair, when you landed on Morgraine you where either likely on a PvP Server and so should ask for Transfers for Venoxis, or you where one of the few from Celebras who got their characters astray.
But yeah, they should instead open free transfers from Morgraine to Patchwerk, Amnennar and Chromie so people could play in their language again.

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Just recruited a friend to play WoW, he went and bought the £70 edition, went to make a character to play with me on Firemaw and he can’t as it’s locked, instant refund and 1 less potential player, made me look like an idiot for forgetting about the realm lock

I remember playing this game back at the start, the customer support/service was absolutely top notch and now, well it’s absolute dog toffee.

Cheers Blizz!


Hello Blizzard,

Can you please give me input if you are opening up transfers (at least within the current account) to Pyrewood?

I can make a new char but I cant transfer my alt to the server?

Either way, will you open up transfers or not? If not Ill start a new character, but Id rather not since the one I want to move is from Vanilla Classic with some serious identity and PVP titles.




Moved to Ashbringer from Jin’do. Two days later, Jin’do has free transfer to Thekal.

Honestly I don’t regret it, but maybe I would have chosen different would the decision have been taken earlier when players actually alarmed and asked for it. Glad that people who are stuck on Jin’do right now has an option, genuinely glad for them!

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Updated November 22

Free Character Transfers are now available from Jin’do to Thekal.


Thank you blizzard, for doing this i will sub for 12 month, keep this up.

Only this small update after 1 month silence ? This is just laughing in our faces.


They want to kill off the concept of megaservers in the longrun so the chances of them reopening Pyrewood for you in the shortterm are slim.

What other update are you looking for?

I wished that Blizz would at least merge more of the fresh realms, if they don’t want to open other more populated realms back up… Recently, we were not able to fill a Naxx pug group on Giantstalker. On prime time. On reset day.

That’s just terrible. I don’t even want to stay there any more.

We have a bunch of guildies that cant transfer due to mailbox bug. Fix it, they could miss raid reset.

Radio silence is the absolute worst way to fix a problem they caused.

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If the intent is to kill off the concept of megaservers, well, they are exceptionally bat at it. Server locks only caused more megaservers to emerge, not less.

We need actual solution and that is the update we are waiting for. Not some bandaid fixes.

Weekly reminder that Blizzard is operating in contradiction with its own statements.


Mograine didn’t saw a login que for over 8 weeks now, when do you tend to remove the transfer restriction as I like to bring my alts?

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You can re-imbursh this transfer within 3 days of the transfer.

I play Gehennas A, basically, solo. we have 8 lvl 80s(trapped)

the options for free transfers are as follows:
Amennar - French server? 1.5k pop…going to be dead in 2 minutes
Ashbringer - 90% horde pop
Hydraxian Warlords - 241 total players, 122 alliance… MMO?
Lakeshire - German Server? has a good pop for ally but I am not German…
Transcendence - German Server 94% horde
XPoom - RU Server…

What are you expecting me to do to play this game?


It would be perfect if blizzard gave the option before the dragonflight of free server exchange for people who are, for example, on the “kazzak” server. Its a big server . with the release of “DF” many people will be unable to play like other players on servers with less population. in my opinion and since I don’t have money that I can change I think it should be an option, but from servers with large populations to servers with small / new players.

Tell me please. How long will the free transfer be? A week? Or constantly?

Ah I didn’t know this was a thing actually. I guess you have to make a ticket about it though? Just for future references so that I know :smiley: