Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

Ashbringer Blizzard?

14+ weeks. Are you all on vacation for over a quarter of a year? Must be nice.

Why dont you make the transfers faction based?

Dear Blizzard.
I know its difficult, nearly impossible, to make everybody happy. And I know, than it must be de-motivating to hear only complains, when you do some necessary unplesant changes which probably has to be done. So please take my message as friendly greetings from someone who is with you since warcraft 1. :grinning: and still have passion and love for this amazing world we love to go in again and again.

I enjoyed WoW Classic vanilla, like many others, but i could not join my pals in TBC. Now i would really love to pay my subscription and join our favourite world once more to meet old friends and re-live WoTLK with them. Very core of this is to be with friends you enjoy playing with. 10x more true especially for MMORPGs.

When i just wanted to come back i found basically all of our faction left and all ppl i know too. ( most is on pyrewood ). I wished to join them, but few days before i could do that via paid service, restriction appeared. Now im stucked on PVP server with 90% of opposite faction. I wont complain about that…its something no-one can possibly regulate…but i cant transfer either, cos only server which have any meaning is pyrewood for me. And making new character would be just waste of my time, especially with feats of strength and soooo much hours you invest into character, and personal attach to it.

So Im begging you, please, when come to consideration of lifting restriction on pyrewood, listen to you hearth, make right choice and let me and possible some other people reunite with our friends to re-live WoTLK expansion release day experience once more.

Best regards,


No updates,only pin? Its been over a week now

As you may have seen, we’ve taken additional steps to address queues on North American realms.

We will be implementing a similar arrangement for EU players soon.

We’ll update you again as soon as we have that in place.


I hate to say it, but all your solution ends up being is opening more transfers to servers people do not want to move to.

This isn’t a solution, just insanity. You refuse to communicate for days on end, and perpetuate the problem as you offer no real concrete fix.

How long must it take to understand people don’t want to move, and what is your ‘fix’ for the one new realm and their queues? Surely you anticipated it’d be popular.

Additionally; you respond on Twitter, but not on your own forums, and have still yet to address the lag issues experienced by thousands during the last few days. You haven’t even acknowledged it.


Out of curiosity why does this

“Additionally, all four of these realms are now locked for character creation, which means that it is only possible to create a character on the realm if you already have a character on that realm.”

is the case only for character creation and not for realm transfers? It is kinda basically the same?
It makes no sense to be able to create characters on “locked” realms when you have a character there already,but not being able to move your characters for the same reason …


Oké but can you open transfers to Village back ? There were no queue’s on it for the last 4-5 days at least


Hi Kaivax,

I see that you have already Locked Golemagg, Gehennas and Firemaw. Hopefully this new arrangement comes soon.

pls leave Venoxis open to Alliance transfers only until it’s more balanced.

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Will you ever allow transfers to locked realms if a player already has a level 70 there? I have alts I want to play and have not been able to for months because they are on a 99.9% horde server and I play alliance. My alts should not affect server size or load because I am still one total player no matter what character

Why am I allowed to boost characters, but not to transfer my characters? I want to escape Gehennas alliance, and not to another dead realm. You will lose players this way. And start understanding your own game… as a pvp player, I have nowhere to go on alliance but Firemaw - and all my friends are already there. I have no intention to play on some random, newly opened realm which will die off in a couple of months, with no connections. (…) And stop trying to create “faction balance”, that should have been done years ago. Dw about ques, I can play anywhere due to my schedule. I do want to be able to use your service, and not being stuck on a dead realm, since I paid.

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Kaivax, could we please also get transfers from dead realms like Ashbringer Eu when this happens? Then we can actually play the game and I can stop tweeting at your Dev team every day.

It isn’t just the servers with queues that need this, it’s the people you have left on dead servers and not communicated with for 14+ weeks!

I would say that Earthshaker is decent for pvp. Server has status “full” and generally lots of people everywhere.

After reading Aggrend’s post addressing the issue of mega realms, I think we can accept the reality that the population cap is simply a technology limitation and nothing can be done about it other than distributing people to other servers.

No one wants to play on a realm that feels dead, especially if they gain nothing from it on a long term. You need to give more incentive to people to move to non-full realms. Here are some possible solutions and benefits you can add to such realms:

  • Increase xp gains to 100% (from 50%) and add LFD tool to non-full realms (at least for under 60 content), so leveling and grouping becomes more bearable.
  • Give people guarantee they will be able to transfer without any cost from these realms to any other realm (including full-pop ones) in the future. Realms’ population tends to drop heavily after several months and nobody wants to be stuck on a dead realm.
  • Give free faction changes on non-full realms. Eventually pretty much every realm leans heavily to a single faction. People don’t really care about faction balance, they care about playing in a living world full of people.

No, I do not accept that because it’s not the reality. It’s a financial choice, we’re in 2022 loadbalancers are functioning like never before and server capacity shouldn’t have to be at the same cap as 2004. It’s simply unforgivable to realize that Blizzard with all it’s income is incapable of hosting a mega server for 100K concurrent players, it can be done.

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But why should it be done? I would rather have Blizzard spend their resources on something worthwhile, like new content for Classic plus.

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I am not a server engineer, I don’t know if you are either. I do work in IT though. I will choose to believe what Aggrend is saying. He also said that the today’s realm capacity is 4x larger than the one from 2008.

There may be other games that support much more people per server, but WoW is an MMO and the amount of data it needs to process is on average much larger than an average game.


Always amusing to read posts by armchair experts.