Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

Nobody with brain will go to a newly opened server (yes it will die, if anybody played during classic knows). I see where it is going, so basically my character on Gehennas is stuck. By the way, I can still boost a character on Firemaw, or create characters on Firemaw, so there is a misinformation in that post. Either way, would you please clarify this @Kaivax? So Firemaw will not be open for transfers for months? This kinda solves my issue, either reroll or quit. By the way alliance cannot transfer to Mograine, that is a horde-only server. So only paid transfers to trash servers - by the way, you manage to continue to reduce the effective population that plays pvp. I know, that aspect was never really interesting to Blizzard.

Edit.: will boosts remain available at least?

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Been waiting to transfer my PVP char back to a PVP realm after it was moved to a PVE realm by the system after his realm was shut down. Had an open ticket conversation for months, and was finally getting this sorted - until this blue post dropped.

Even the support I have been dealing with are unhappy with this since my char was set to be moved to Firemaw where it should have gone initially. Why Firemaw is locked if it has no queing issues, or other issues is beyond me - espeically since the blue post states:

The player base has already responded stating these issues don’t exist in Firemaw, so why was it locked? Also, so sad that there is no communication between support members, this blue post has broken the promises made by the one who has been working to resolve my issue!

Finally, why are you listing transfer options to Mograine - an already “high” population (PVP) realm which will only result in this realm becoming a “Full” and them “Locked” realm? And why are you listing transfer options to Hydraxian Waterlords at all? HW is a not even a (PVP) realm, it is an (RP PVE) realm.

I could understand if a few people want out of (PVP) but surely it would make more sense to list Ashbringer (PVP) realm instead - or at least in addition? This realm is (PVP) but suffering from “low” population.

If “locked” realms need transfer options, should you not transfer this excess of population to a realm that is in dire need of that population?

That said, a reprimand for some of the player base who are harping on about “dead realms” is in order. Please understand that “low” pop realms are not dead. They are “low” pop. As for why they are “low” pop, it is because you guys poke your nose in, see a handful of players and decide “this realm is dead” and spread the word as such.

If you think “low” pop realms are dead - it’s because you are making it so. This kind of rumour creates a mob mentality that results in low pop realms losing even more of their players in fear of the realm becoming “unplayable.”

Hydraxian Waterlords is also a “low pop” realm, but it is nontheless still alive, with a strong hardcore community nestled within it’s midst. As hardcore players focus on getting from 1-60 without A/H interaction, and typically solo so avoiding dungeons - and of course Raiding is out of the question - the realm appears to be less populated than it is.

So yeah, HW is not a (PVP) realm. And not a realm you are going to get rich quick in with all the HHC players in there. But is not dead.

AB on the other hand is a (PVP) server. It is “low” pop, but not dead either. Make it strong again by moving all the excess players who want to move from “locked” realms to this one.

Why oh why did you allow free transfers from Pyrewood Horde EU? you have essentially killed the horde faction reducing us to mere hundreds by allowing players to move to, you guessed it, the mega realms you’ve now locked, you couldnt make this up if you tried.

Here a solution i thought with in 5minutes on how to make servers healthy have a connected AH :slight_smile: Have Dungeon finder cross realm… And Keep the current dungeon/raid for group And make it server wide so people can form raids cross realm… boom. problem solved u do that no one will have a problem playing on a less populated server cause it wont matter

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Venoxis still hasn’t had a queue since prepatch.


Original post updated.

We will close all free transfers from Firemaw at 21:00 CEST today (8 September). Firemaw has been approaching our target for maximum population.


What about us who already on gehenas with bunch of 70 and want to move our alts here? why we get that treatment??

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Im in the situation where i have characters on both Golemagg and Gehennas because i wanted to play with 2 different friend groups that got scattered with the death of Firemaw Horde, but now with the queues on Gehennas playing on two servers is just not feasible. for how long will my characters be stuck on Gehennas without being able to move them to Golemagg because you restricted transfers? also yes i could Free character transfer my Gehennas characters to mograine but that server is just as dead as being in a queue+ my friends wont be there either. like i understand the restriction of transfers in some capacity but right now it just looks like i have 3 60+ characters stuck on a server which queues will only rise with the launch of wrath and therefore will never in the near future get transfers opened up paid or free.

Can I transfer my main stuck on Gehennas ally there, then? I already play my character on Firemaw anyway, won’t take up more space.


Will this result in an opening of transfers to Firemaw?

Perhaps only for people that already have a non-boosted level 70 character on the realm? The net effect on server loads of an already active Firemaw player transferring an alt to the server will be neutral after all.


I’m wondering when the paid character transfer to Venoxis will be available again, because I would like to transfer my warlock from Patchwerk to Venoxis. I already have a Level 70 Paladin there, so it wouldn’t change the population at all. The original bluepost stated, that the character transfer will be available again when the queues die down. From my recollection there are no queues on Venoxis since Friday.
I would really appreciate that :slight_smile:


Aggrend announced a new realm for transfers from mega servers. Maybe that would be an option for your friends and you? Just all move there together? Or all move to Morgraine?

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when are you opening Paid Transfers to Hydraxian Waterlords? It is still having the same issue!

I doubt the “move to” will open just because the “move from” has closed. More to the point, I worry at the health fo Mograine now that an undisclosed number of players from Firemaw have moved there, along with unknown numbers fron Gehennis, and Goremagg given that Mograine was already at “high” population before this option to move was offered.

As for Hydraxian Waterlords - well, for those that intentionally chose to move from a (PVP) realm to a (PVE) realm that’s fine. For those that chose to move there thinking it was a (PVP) realm, given the OP only stated it was a (RP) realm - well, I’m sure they will not be happy.

In other news, my char is most likely moving to “Ashbringer” (PVP) “low” pop realm. Figure I might as well “put my money where my mouth is” on that one, since I suggested that realm be opened for transfers from these realms.

I hope that at least a number of you have the sense to realise that “low” pop realmsare not in fact “dead” but can only grow with players actively taking the chance on them. Hashtag: make Ashbringer Healthy or whatever.

I mean really. WotLK is about to drop proper, and yet a realm named Ashbringer isn’t at a healthy pop? lol

I doubt that many people accidentally moved to Hydraxian Waterlords. Free transfers there were only just opened this morning.

Given that the OP stated it’s an (RP) realm and did not stipulate it is in fact an (RP PVE) realm, it’s a possibility. (RP PVP) realms used to be a thing. My char came from one, which is why I opened my ticket in the first place XD

To my mind, migrating from an (RP PVP) realm to a (PVP) realm makes much more sense than migrating to a (PVE) one, RP or otherwise. Surely the actual gameplay is of more importance than the roleplay - people roleplay on non (RP) servers all the time

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What about Thekal? lol

When can I transfer to Golemagg… there are NO queues and ive spent 75 euro’s, 50 to boost a character there because I couldn’t play with friends and 25 because I want my main there for WOTLK release. But I can’t and it makes me a sad panda. a very sad panda.

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Thank you for communicating this!

Without this warning (and my Celebras friends) I would have missed it with my warlock!!!

runs to Hydraxian Waterlords

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Those three servers should be locked. I’m glad they’re actually putting their foot down rather than just… doing nothing. This is progress.

That being said, if you already have a max level character there, and want to transfer an alt, you should be able to do that.

My Pala is on Pyrewood, I just want to move my Rogue. Lock Pyrewood I don’t care, at least then I’d have definitive answer and can plan to level a new Rogue.

Also, lock Thekal. DO IT! Force people to create a better game!

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