Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

I cannot transfer to Hydraxian Waterlords from Mirage Raceway, not free, and not paid. I’ve opened a ticket and the response was: ‘You can get a paid transfer’, which is the case, I can’t, it says ‘Error, HW doesn’t take character transfers’


mograine is looking good for horde players, ally is low i mean its 20% ally 80% horde -+5%

then perhaps ONLY invite more ALLY players. further, perhaps some of the horde players should go to a ally majority realm to make any semblance of balance

was checking out Ally on Mograine just now and it was pritty dead… Horde is looking realy good but for ally its just like an other dead server sadly…

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Because Patchwerk, during the time the servermurder whas decided, still whas on medium and so in Blizzards eyes healthy enough.
And now with their decicion, that Megaservers are actually bad, better expect Venoxis will be closed and instead get free transfers TOO Patchwerk instead of vice versa.

The problem is, with HWL now multiple things overlap.
First Blizzard made block all paid transfers to Realms that at a certain point where on low as those should be closed.
Then during protests they realized, they gonna kill RP in Europe for good and as we all speak english (not) and some weirdos should get the option to play on a not so full server, HWL whas announced to be put off the close list and instead they enable free transfers to it.
When they finally managed to not make HWL closed at the compromise date, they enabled free Transfers to it, but as they still had HWL on the list for free transfers from it cause closing list people used it to get to the megaservers. When people still decided to transfer to it despite Blizz saying the transfer off it gonna close soon, they instead put the free transfers to it off so the mass of complaining players because they can not get from it from their medium servers to the megaservers will not grow with the promise of free transfers again in close future.
Then WotLK arrived and suddenly Blizzard got surprised again why so many people decide they want to play something again, where they thought they finally realized “You think you want, but you don’t.” and now they are so blindsided by this, that they do not know what to do first.
So with the closing of megaservers and the free transfers to it from PvP Servers maybe we will get soon free transfers to it again but until we need to wait until Blizzard is not anymore running arround like a headless chicken.

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There is quite a few posts about this in the support forums (for example: Cannot transfer character after scourge invasion quest). The only fix is to write a ticket or wait.

would u play on server with fr example 15000 horde 0 ally as horde or 6000horde 6000 ally?
statistics and history prove it would just cause more problems and 1 faction would leave making it again 6000;0

just make mograine horde server
and ashbringer open for all ally transfers from all servers with has lags and queues

I am not pooping on anyone and this only confirms my statement. And it wasn’t an exploit, it was a mistake from Blizzard.
Alliance vs Horde has to go.

Please offer a transfer to viable realms from firemaw away.

Mograine has the same pop (as of 12.09.2022) but with a heavily horde leaned population ratio.

Hydraxian is a RP server and not pvp.

I’d also welcome if we get a transfer to a realm where you can ensure a decent population ratio (not letting gehennas horde thats twice as much free transfer without supervision).

I get that Servers are too big but we do not have consistent alternative and most of us are not willing to transfer to a FULL 20/80 A/H ratio server.

Maybe open up new ones will help, wotlk will attract way more players than vanilla and tbc anyway.

Lmao what the hell are you talking about.

Firemaw got stormed by alliance because horde stormed gehennas… making it a 80/20 realm and forcing us off.

Even with the whole gehennas alliance transfering to firemaw we still had a 40/60ish balance.

Its horde running off to gehennas via free transfers that killed firemaw. Not the alliance

I am honestly surprised they make transfer from full to full. WOuld have expected they make transfers from Firemaw and rest to Ashbringer and maybe Patchwerk too if they suspect some germans decided to try out english mega realms.

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It wasnt full before.

But to open free transfers from gehennas (18k with que) and firemaw (9k without que) was obvious to end in a 80/20 full server for horde.

It might help gehennas with its problems but no sane firemaw player will go there.

And it will be the same for every other free transfer server if we transfer with gehennas golemagg etc. There. Unless they start doing their job and monitor/control this 24/7 for a week.

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Its insane that blizzard seems to be totally clueless about its market.

Its a company. They 100% have people that got this as a full time job. To estimate the market.

They even had decade long private server history to estimate the numbers for each demographic.

First they totally underestimate classic on release. Providing so few servers that they couldnt even host the people that signed the letter for it to happen in the first place.

Come tbc they increased it despite tbc being almost non existant in the private server community.

And then they only release so few fresh servers for wotlk, the by far biggest private server community and also the xpac that peaked their subs…ever…

They could expect 10% to return and the servers wouldnt be enough already.


AND they killed of unique realm types (the RP) without waiting what is going to happen with wrath.

It´s very likely that they killed realm types, that would have recovered. Not to high, or full (which seems to be the only preferable state), but at least to a solid low/medium pop, destroying complete game experiences and scattering a whole, functioning (though tiny) community.

It´s enough to make one cry.

(but i think it was a good idea to merge at least most of the 20 empty PVP realms. No one needs 20 empty realms of the same type. Not sure though, if the remaining ones will be sufficient for wrath… we´ll see)


The RP part is correct (if one does not want to RP, a RP realm is not the correct choice).

However, i am not sure if it´s possible in EU to create a “real” PVP realm (Eranikus has a 50:50 Ratio if the info i´ve read is correct).

And if 99% are playing one Faction on a PVP realm, or some of them move to a PVE realm… i don´t think there is actually a big difference.

OVerall there seems to be a big imbalance in EU between Alliance and Horde player. I´d wish we would have a more balanced realm… :confused:

We would love to transfer as soon as possible unfortunately a large amount of players are unable to do so due to handing in a quest which delivers a mail 1 week later. Effectively locking players out of transfer which partake in the Scourge event.

Can you lads at Blizzard please take a look at this and maybe speed up said delivery to 1 day? Or better make it instant. It serves 0 purpose and people are opening tickets left and right due to it.

Something tells me we are going to be back on private servers soon.


Yeah, the whole vanilla population already migrated back to private servers because SoM is scuffed.

If they listen to retail streamers again for wrath i wouldnt be surprised if the same happened.


or just have it on next login, there are allready quests that behave that way, so all you do is log out to character screen and log in again

any additional transfer destinations from Gehennas?