Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

This is not a solution regarding this btw, sadly blizzard is ignoring this post it seems.
Still waiting for Pyrewood Village to open again

Does anyone at blizzard understand that by opening 2 horde servers and 1 alliance server to transfer to morgraine. You’re essentially creating a horde dominated megaserver… yet again?

Good job Blizzard on continuous communication with the playerbase. Keep it up!

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Could I get a transfer from Thekal to Mograine?
Pretty please?

Hi Blizz, Pyrewood Village has no queues, so you can lift this. Thanks


Free Character Transfers to Mograine are now available for Alliance characters only, and Free Transfers to Ashbringer are available for Horde characters only. The table below has been updated to reflect all currently-available Free Character Transfers.

Firemaw Ashbringer (Horde only) PvP
Firemaw Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Firemaw Mograine (Alliance only) PvP
Gehennas Ashbringer (Horde only) PvP
Gehennas Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Gehennas Mograine (Alliance only) PvP
Golemagg Ashbringer (Horde only) PvP
Golemagg Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Golemagg Mograine (Alliance only) PvP
Hydraxian Waterlords Lakeshire Normal
Mograine Amnennar PvP
Mograine Flamegor PvP
Mograine Patchwerk PvP
Mograine Transcendence PvP

So according to, of all servers you want people to transfer to from gehennas, you choose 2 absolutely dead realms? I mean, sure, but what’s the incentive and also what’s to stop them from dying too? How are you going to convince people to transfer to realms that have no economic status or sustainability in regards to groups, raids and dungeons.


Pyrewood pop is fine, we don’t need more people. it’s 9k people on just alliance which is almost overcrowded. Opening the server would just add to this problem and create another mega server instead of alliance going to a low-med pop server.

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100% agree to close the server to new chars and transfers. But having 3 max chars on the server, and needing my paladin as the last char over, im unable to due to the restrictions. That absolutely blows.
So please open transfers for people who already have max lvl’ed chars there. Being able to make a lvl 1 char to lvl, or transfering my 60 paladin, takes up the same amount of server space.
This is from Morgraine to Pyrewood where my mains are btw.

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Ok so Ashbringer nation didn’t get a free transfer in a long time asking, but at least they opened a door for other to come in. I hope it will fix situation and people will come here to play. #MakeAshbringerGreatAgain!

I still havent found a reasonable, logical explanation as to why cant we transfer/create characters on realms that we have an existing 70 level.
Give us some insight please! :slight_smile:

@Vacatadk: This has been discussed in some earlier threads. Basically, it appears that Blizzard lacks the ability to filter incoming traffic. Transfers IN are either on or off, no other switches or modifiers apply.


Just like they did with Morgraine: If Lags and ques get unbearable, some people get moving. It does work. Morgraine is pretty full right now, something that couldn’t be said before the transfers.


Plus the fact, that not EVERYONE needs a high/full realm. For some, medium realms can offer the better experience.

Plus, that the devs apparently want that people do leave.
Wouldn´t make sense to encourage them to move chars TO their current realms.

It seems they expect that some of the now full raelms might become overcrowded to release…

(waves at Trelw nice to read you again :))

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Nice to know that blizzard is sending people to a server that every one already left or is trying to leave…

Greetings from the dead Patchwork server. Don’t go there! OTHERWISE BLIZZARD WILL NOT LEARN.

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Transcendence was also dropped to low, and now it´s medium… :wink:

Everyone (especially those who are STILL on Patchwerk… makes no sense :sweat_smile: ) calling this realm “dEaD” is one of the problem. If i read “Patchwerk”, i think of “dead”, which is less the case for Transcendence.
Of course people will rather move to Transcendence then Patchwerk (which is not a bad thing for Transcendence, of course - at least Horde seems a little bit to recover :slight_smile: )

100% agreed, but let’s never have 14 weeks of no communication again Blizzard, what were you thinking?

Hopefully a good thing for Ashbringer.

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Hi. My guild transferred from Golemagg to Pyrewood Village some time ago. I can’t get to them. Any chance of it being possible again? Golemagg has 99% horde players. For the alliance, I have no chance to do quests without being killed all the time. Ty

Our guild was transferring from Gehennes - > Mograine (horde) yesterday/today.
Half of us got through on the free transfer, the other half are stuck on Gehennes.
Some pre-warning of the cutoff for free transfers would have been nice, feels like our guild has been killed via RNG.


So when does blizzard realize that what they are doing are in the worst interest of the players? Due to the amount of players that will continue too flood in, it will only fill up servers fast, and you make new locks, and cuck even more guilds when they try to move, or plan to move. You will only end up losing costumers in the long run, because they nor can’t or will move.

Here is the quickest fix for all of this:
Remove the locks for a said period eg. 2 weeks. Let everyone transfer when they want. Let people move the the server they want. And then impose the locks again.

YES! This will cause queues! But as it has been for a decade with queues… At some point it evens out to no queue, and people will happily wait the queue or do whatever they can to be able to log in when they get home. The people that won’t wait the queue or do whats needed to log in, will get tired of queues and eventually opt for the paid transfer to play, or even quit.

YES! The word “quit” i know you guys at blizzard are scared of that. But what you are doing right now, is making people quit in rage, not in boredom. There is a big psychological difference of the 2.

People quitting due to the enforced dictatorship of the transfers, will most likely never return.
People who quits due to boredom will most likely try again in 3-6 months.

Here now you have a motive for earning money. Take it.