Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November

If they dont open FCT from Firemaw to any non dead Realm I won’t play the Launch, easy as that. There are enough Games around the corner including Fifa23 wich launches the exact time.

Blizzard shows how they are absolutely incapable yet again to make any reasonable decisions and I won’t level on a Server with 99% Alliance nor will I spend Money for their incompetence


i want to pay transfer from Golemagg to Firemaw.

Just be nice to get an update. even a blanket ETA…

“We are waiting to see what queues are like coming into WotLK Live servers next week.” even that would suffice. Currently leveling a Char i’m rostered to play and it’s a grind when i have a perfectly good 70 that i could move. I’d still pay double to move it now before Expansion goes live…

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When are the “bug” fixed? I’m still unable to transfer over 1 of the characters (The account didn’t have a subscription when they opened the transfers and i was busy on my main account), the one I’m going to main (Alliance) and as it looks like i won’t be able to play with my friends when wrath releases.
I find it ridiculous how i can still pay 25€ to transfer to Mograine but Free Transfer is bugged? Like what, can you be more transparent about the pro-claimed bug that you’ve been investigating for almost a week now are?

Like i got half chars(A) stuck at my previously main realm… I really don’t intend to play this game alone again.


In order to help players prepare for overcrowding coming with the launch of Northrend content on Tuesday, we’ve enabled the following Free Character Transfers.

Everlook Amnennar PvP
Everlook Ashbringer PvP
Everlook Chromie Normal
Everlook Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Everlook Lakeshire Normal
Everlook Transcendence PvP
Firemaw Amnennar PvP
Firemaw Ashbringer PvP
Firemaw Chromie Normal
Firemaw Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Firemaw Lakeshire Normal
Firemaw Transcendence PvP
Flamegor Amnennar PvP
Flamegor Ashbringer PvP
Flamegor Chromie Normal
Flamegor Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Flamegor Lakeshire Normal
Gehennas Amnennar PvP
Gehennas Ashbringer PvP
Gehennas Chromie Normal
Gehennas Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Gehennas Lakeshire Normal
Gehennas Transcendence PvP
Golemagg Amnennar PvP
Golemagg Ashbringer PvP
Golemagg Chromie Normal
Golemagg Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Golemagg Lakeshire Normal
Golemagg Transcendence PvP
Hydraxian Waterlords Lakeshire Normal
Thekal Jin’do Fresh PvP
Venoxis Amnennar PvP
Venoxis Ashbringer PvP
Venoxis Chromie Normal
Venoxis Hydraxian Waterlords RP
Venoxis Lakeshire Normal
Venoxis Transcendence PvP

While we intend to keep these Free Character Transfers open through the next two days and until the launch of Northrend content, we strongly encourage players who wish to use a Free Character Transfer to do so as soon as possible. Free Character Transfers may be closed without warning as we continue to evaluate the populations of realms.


@Kaivax: Thank you for the weekend update!

@All: Ok… At a quick glance… This is a rather mixed bag of things…


Did you seriously give everything except the Golemagg - Mograine transfer? I have been waiting for days for this transfer to be available. All my friends went to Mograine and I got stuck alone at Golemagg because the transfer for horde was cancelled without any prior notification.

Mograine is full.

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The list is full of German/French and a Russian realm, as well as the two mega-dead English-speaking realms. I don’t speak any of these languages, and the only 2 realms that I can possibly transfer to, are utter dead. I would rather stay on Firemaw Horde than go to any of these realms dude. Is this a joke?


Then why isn’t transfer from Mograine to other servers available?

No Firemaw alliance to Mograine alliance???
You had that route open and closed it mid way through our transfers because of a bug, now you dont open it for free again to force us to pay to move our alts?
Be ashamed of yourself you absolute scamming disgusting person.


Because Mograine is not a megaserver. Full is not the same like full from Gehennas xD

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Idk. I’m just disappointed. This has been handled extremely poorly. No prior notifications about canceling certain transfers and splitting people from their friends. But allowing paid transfers. I ain’t paying out of principle.

I totally agree with you. Many people have become “separated” from their friends, or with their accounts half-transferred to other realms.

And worst of all, it only made sense to block Gehennas and Firemaw, the rest I don’t think would have been necessary, although, you never know, WOTLK was very popular and can break everything, I don’t know.

What is true is that Golemagg and Pyrewood don’t experience any queue, and I don’t think Firemaw does either, but, these ones are going for grapes.


I wonder why they didn´t add Pyrewood. It´s so full that transfers are closed, but it´s still not on this list?

Is / when / if / what

when will mograine will be avalible for free transfer again? am i to late? :frowning:

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Sorry, im a bit confused. why are the server’s for alliance closed from mograine. will they be open again? i just came back after a break. waiting for alliance and they close it now? while keeping other server’s open? seems a bit unfair and stupid… most people would only come now back, why pay subscribtion if they wont play till release date or even knew about free transfers cause ther waiting for the release…

can someone ping me / reply to me with new information if there wil be new free transfers, dont feel like playing on a 1% alliance population with peaktime’s of 100 compared to 2.2k horde’s on a pvp server.

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Yo mate, i just came back after… months not playing and getting ready for wrath, but im on a 1% alliance server. (mograine) do you have any idea if there getting a free server away from the 2k horde player’s (99% horde.)

thank you, Snackito / Ahikhe

Sorry but I am at a loss of words. Are you guys really so out of touch of reality or why do you believe that Germans will transfer on a france or russian realm? Okay later I can partly understand with that Russia is the most spoken native language in europe and so many have the language of the contry they are as a second language but how are you guys expecting people from DACHL will go from a PvE Server to a france PvP server?

I want to believe this. I really want to believe this from my heart as anything else is old gods madness.

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