Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 24 Sept

This was implemented back in the days to not make it extremely easy for gold farming bots to get to max lvl and destory the economy

Taking a glance at the NA forums… It’s the same there.
Guilds got ripped apart, friends are stuck behind even characters of the same account did not all make it.

It’s strange to see all the ‘help’ messages en blizzard stays quiet.
I can understand u cant react to everyone individually on forums. But this seems a post worthy with a plan or at least aknowledge that this is not how it should go.
So guilds, friends etc are not left out in the cold.

Atm everyone is preparing for the launch. And we lost half our guild. (10 man guild and we all know eachother irl)
Not that this is worse than other guilds, but it should be visualized, this is really bad for alot of groups.
People are getting punished for helping blizzard’s server problem. This should be addressed more and fixed at least before launch.

I really hope someone at blizzard can brings this topic up, we need help!
Same help u asked for in ur megaserver post. We are stuck in between realms and can’t do more than we already did!


Open up Firemaw pls

This is an absolute disaster!

There is no option to cancel the free transfer. My main is stuck with:

“Please address these issues”: The transfer is not currently available for this character’s faction.

I can’t even make a paid transfer! To anywhere! Even free transfers wouldn’t work! If you are greedy enough to keep people from using the free transfer, at least be greedy enough to let us pay a transfer fee! I am stuck on this server forever now…

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Thank you for opening morgraine for allies only. We can actually make a balanced PVP server with both factions, now if you give some incentive or let players of the alliance know that they can actually transfer to morgraine from Firemaw. And also open up some other allie only free transfers from other servers to morgraine… that will be lovely. Thank you!

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In response to overwhelming feedback from players, Free Character Transfers are now available from Thekal to Jin’do. We will monitor this transfer connection very closely, and it may be closed without notice.

Free Character Transfers are no longer available from Mograine to Transcendence, Patchwerk, Amnennar, or Flamegor.


Will transfers from other servers to Jin’do be available in the future? (Payed or free idc) Willing to go and play on Jin’do, but Don’t want to waste my char boost. Even if it’s a few months in the future, That would be great. Just need some form of confirmation.

Currently on Ashbringer, which is kind of dead, would not mind transfering to jin’do on the long haul, but it’s hard to descide wether te level there now, build a community and get my main alt’s there later on.

Imagine getting this call SO WRONG. An actually useless company.


We need free transfers from Ashbringer ( EU ) to populated servers!, Ashbringer is totally dead server and tired of waiting, just give us free transfers already.

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Congrats for destroying faction balance in Thekal! Why you must do everything wrong? Like really :smiley:


Man, you really did ruin this entire pre-patch experience for a lot of players. Start on Thekal, oop queues. ‘No NeW FREsH’ - wait, actually surprise NEW FrEsH!

90 dAY NO tRanSfER

3 days later

In response to overwhelming feedback from players, Free Character Transfers are now available from Thekal to Jin’do.

People are just being juggled about right now and it’s remarkable to witness.


Goodjob you killed Jin’do


This does feel like a spectacularly bad call. Genuinely interested in the decision-making process that went into this idea being given the go ahead?

A huge influx of bored level 70s with thousands of gold, many of whom are fully equipped in PvP gear, now with the opportunity to entirely buy out and dominate the server AH, and grief the 99.99% of the population who are still levelling? Oh dear.


Why man

You KNOW that’s going to result in two monofaction servers… why do you do this ???

Were people having too much fun on the only somewhat faction balanced realm and your “fun detected” sensors lit up like Christmas ? Can we PLEASE just have ONE realm where there is faction balance PLEASE. This is such a pain

I can’t even be mad anymore I’m just disappointed. Constant letdowns because you (the company) refuse to ever learn from previous experiences…


I would congratulate myself (and I am not the only) with Blizzard for the remarkable embarassing failure to manage fresh servers that only a billion $ company can have.
The demand of WotLK has always been known to be the highest, but hey… let’s just open two frewsh realms, ONLY ONE PVP. On the other hand, peaople playing in private wotlk are “only” 30k.

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Yep currently Duskwood and STV is unplayable due to geared camping 70s


Without limits to the amount of faction members that transfer, this will lead to monofaction realms and kill everything.

Also, this will lead to full brutal glad gear lvl 70s enjoying some fresh meat on Jin’Do.
This was a bad decision.

Queues were very fine already, with around 1:30h wait time at a friday afternoon.

I get that a lot of people cried on here. But honestly, this is probably one of the only communities where its better not to listen to what the players say.


What about Pyrewood Village ? The only day that Pyrewood had queue’s was the release day of the pre-patch, since then there are no longer queue’s on that realm.

Please open transfers to Pyrewood Village.

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“An error was encountered. Please come back later”
When is this gonna be fixed? It’s been a week since my paid transfer didn’t go through. Yeah you refunded my 25 Euros but I still can’t use neither Free or Paid transfer service, same goes for half of my friends. Now we are all splitted on different realms.

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Did you write a ticket (or at least in the tech support forum)?

Apparently there is something messed that needs the investigation of someone from the support team…