Transferring back to Silvermoon LF Guild

Good afternoon,

I am transferring my old main back to Silvermoon. Haven’t played for a while (still in Emerald Nightmare gear!)
I’m looking for a guild I can join as a social whilst I level/gear up then join the raiding team.
I’m only interested in raiding normal/heroic, I have plenty of experience.
Ideally I’d be joining as a resto shammy but I don’t mind playing DPS if that’s what’s needed!


Good Day Drmalcolm,

I have just started a guild today and I am looking for players such as yourself, as we would love to build a raid team soon to tackle Normal/Heroic content. I appreciate this may be a bit of a shot in the dark for yourself but if you fancy getting involved in a new guild trying to build itself up please feel free to DM me ingame on Lokivald or add me on Btag: Justrix#212772 to discuss :slight_smile:

Hey, I would love to have a chat, you can drop me a message in game Bowmístress or add me on discord Bowmistress#6677 :grinning:

[A] Soup Squad,

Ello! I know it’s a little late but you sound like the kind of person we are looking for in TCN.

Check out our TCN Recruitment Post for more info. Hit me up for a chat if you have any quesions at all. :smiley:

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