Transmog Bug after Patch 8.1.5


The mail transmog set from pvp season 14, Grievous Gladiator’s Chain Armor, is bugged after the patch went live. The problem is that the helm’s shadow-animation is removed, which makes the helm look less sinister.

All races except for the new allied races, are experiencing this unintentional bug.

Please fix this problem, all races should have the helm’s shadow animation working. I understand that this might be very low on the prioroty list, but I Think it really could be solved with a quick hot-fix.



Thank you for reporting the bugs you find, and helping the developers improve the game for us all. This is not the right place to report bugs though, post any bugs you find through the in-game Help menu.

From the Game Menu, click Help and Submit Bug. Follow the guide lines listed, to write up your bug report in details and help out the teams investigating your bug.

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