"Trivial Content" Currently recruiting new raid members for our raiding team

Hello there!

|Trivial Content| Became a guild at the end of Legion formed by old and new faces. The core of the guild came from Limited Edition (silvermoon) with the same mentality to clear high-end content with a great mix of fun.

–Shadowlands progression—

Castle Nathria
10/10 Normal
10/10 Heroic
6/10 Mythic

-Previous expansions-

Ny’alotha, The waking City 12/12 Heroic

The Eternal Palace 8/8 Heroic

BDA 4/9 Mythic

Uldir 7/8 Mythic

Classes on high demand for our team are:

DPS: Demon Hunter.

Healer: None.

Tank: None.

Obviously, we’ll consider any exceptional player

Why join Trivial Content?

We provide you with: • A semi-serious raiding team that’s aiming for CE. (Of course, keeping a good level between seriousness and crazy memeing) • A committed raiding team that wishes to progress but also keeps it fun while at it. • Freeish raid materials (Flasks, Food, etc) depending on the progression.

What do we expect from you? • A semi-serious and committed attitude towards raiding (Attendance and bench wise) • Be able to attend at least 85% of our raids. (this will be monitored) • Keeping your class up to speed ilvl and skill wise • Come prepared for raids. • Sign up to the calendar invites. • Have a working microphone.

Raiding days are as follows.

Raid Schedule • Wednesday • Thursday • Sunday All our Raids are at 2000-2300 Server Time.

We use Discord to communicate so please make sure you have that installed.

If you’re interested, then either add my personal battle tag, or speak with any officers that might be online and we can take it from there.

Plingplang - Guild Master (Recruitment officer) Crazymind#2906
Lowlord - Raid leader/Officer
Terkterkel - Officer
Bwonsalami - Officer


Another fine Bump.

Currently looking for healers only!

Currently seeking 1 Shaman or Priest healer.

Still looking for 1 more healer (Priest/Shaman) and now we are also looking for a few DPS.

Currently seeking 1 Demon Hunter DPS.