Trouble with mouseover macro


I want to set up a macro that A) targets my mouseover target, and B) targets myself if there is no mouseover target available.

The problem is that while my mouseover targeting works, my self targeting does not.

/cast [@mouseover] [@player] Riptide

/cast [@mouseover] [] Earth Shield

For instance, these macros will target my mouseover target, but it won’t actually target me if there are no mouseover targets. On the other hand, this macro:

/cast [@mouseover] [] Chain Heal

This macro works, prioritizing first any available mouseover target, and if not found will target me as usual instead.

I am not sure why that one works but the others don’t, and I hope you can see what’s wrong.

can you try

/cast [@mouseover, exists] [@player] Riptide

All @unit tests require an existence check (exists, help, harm) or the game assumes the unit exists and that condition will always return true.

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