Trust level 5 - the cow level


When supper time is almost come,
But not quite here, I cannot wait,
And so I take my china mug
And go down by the milking gate.

(Levey) #1121

One of these days I’ll trashpost enough to regain my trust level and the forums shall tremble under the power of my meme gifs…

(Vintoleth) #1122

1,100 posts, 22.3K views, 262 users (how so low?!?) 27.5K likes in this thread.

could we have some of the attention here towards my low pop servers thread? we really need more voices for any traction for blizzard to do anything.

(Sinaaki) #1123

I already read, like and comment in your thread, hope blizz wakes up and fix it soon.

(Moothilda) #1124

Go through the posters in this thread and you’ll see a lot of those in the beginning are no more on the forum.
And a lot of the users are also alts.

Besides, it is nice we can have at least one silly post that the forum guardians doesn’t remove because it doesn’t fit the forum descriptions :wink: :cow:

I also read, liked and commented on your thread.

If this forum is the only place the concern regarding this have been voiced, then maybe other places would be advisable to go to and also write about the subject… If I understand other posters correctly, then Twitter is the place Blizz themselves wanders around :slight_smile:


Silly cows need a silly place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Shumensko) #1126

Not the roses! That’s barbaric.


/Mooooo here


What is going on here?

(Moothilda) #1129

Oh, nothing special… Just some cow thoughts

I would have said moosing over things, but Urban Dictionary are the reason I will never use that word again :expressionless:


We share your view but you and us can only really voice our view’s on twitter day after day a forum post sad as it is will not sway much as they are only visited in blizzards own words and numbers by 3% of the player base in EU .
I can not find the link atm but I support you :slight_smile:
But please keep this topic fun and stress free .


Not sure if posted before :grinning:
Plus its post 1111 :grin:


So sad that you cannot tame a cow as hunter… that milk attack would be goodish.


This is not the forum post for you to ask for that.


(Brewny) #1134

Some synthwave mooosic

(Moothilda) #1135

:point_up_2: That moosic is noice :+1:

I was searching for popcorn gif for Laffey in another post and came across the most amazing mascot :open_mouth:

I wish I had this job :blush:


Listen to this while watching your gif :wink:

Edit : I can post links !!!111!!!1!!1!

(Moothilda) #1139

YAY! Congrats :partying_face:

BWAHAHA, that video totally fits that gif :laughing:


Well done you :smiley: I fear with my wholesome rep on the forum I shall never get above level 1 :rofl: being the hot headed old grumpy lady I am .

(Sinaaki) #1141

Just take a deep breath, count to 10 and walk away when things get heated :kissing_heart: or get popcorn like i do :popcorn::joy: