Tuning to other classes now

Ok since we had our paladin meta for a whole 3 days can we nerf and buff some classes that deserve it? A nerf to demo lock, and a buff to holy paladin/holy priest/enha shaman/outlaw rogue/fire mage would be much appreciated, playing holy paladin legit feels like you’re 2 expansions behind and it still remains to be the most useless class

Demo lock on the other hand is literally the most obnoxious spec in the game, it has the control of 3 rmp’s combined, good damage, and it can’t ever die.

Also resto shaman could potentially get a small healing nerf, outperforms any healer hps wise currently and doesnt cast either, healer balancing overall seems to only be shifted to shaman and mistweaver currently and the rest is kinda just left in the dust


Ret’s need even more nerf’d craps out of control.


seems like from skillcap release but ignoring the part where stated shaman healing being “relatively weak” aka low and takes work playing around it

you neither do not mention the nerfs fistweaver deserves on this weird list of yours or arms or bm but you mention demo multiple times which is the weakest of what is played currently of these

if you think shaman healing is high, it is not

better luck on next ventures on defending broken specs tho, with part of the retri bonanza were caused by a bug which you and similarly others rushed to defend :+1:


I dont even know where to start with this comment so lets disect it 1 by one:

  1. I legit make the skillcapped videos, i’ve been with skillcapped for years
  2. Ive played holy for 15 years and got 10+ r1 titles on it, just wanted to play some ret for fun
  3. The classes you mentioned before aka BM hunter is already getting nerfed in Wednesday… However demo is not, and neither is resto shaman, nor are there any hpala buffs or buffs to underperforming specs, so your comment is literally full of flaws.

Why demo lock needs a nerf is because it’s the sub rogue of casters, it’s obnoxious and can’t get punished for it.

As for mistweaver i do agree, however mistweaver can actually be punished for their mistakes with bad cd usage or pirt placement, in what world can you punish a demo lock exactly?


let me help you then

fistweaver has been free rating for while yet this guy mentions about shaman healing as like its some god tier level heals

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Alright so no answer for the rest of the post then, got it, very insightful info trying to defend resto shaman, but just like ret they also popped up out of nowhere, but judging from you assuming i’m a fotm ret player you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, ask any other healer that has some experience and they’ll tell you resto shaman is by far at the top.

Just because shaman doesnt feel good on 2k mmr doesn’t mean its bad. And once again realistically just like demo, why should it heal more than other healers with that toolkit? Demo is in the same boat, insane damage, insane survivability, insane toolkit, where as fistweaver has flaws you can look to exploit, but if you tell me how to exploit a demo locks flaws then i’ll crown you king


asnwer on rest of what, the op is deliberately being misleading and frankly you are delusional if you think demo is that op that it deserves this much attention when we have bm and arms on the state they are

and you literally joined the forum 12min ago creating this forum profile, in my eyes you are just another paladin rushing on forum after the reasent “ret” incident

i literally couldnt care less on who you are on the matter for now

I AM the op LMAO i name changed its probably not coming through, and once again BM is getting nerfed by 10% on their damage and pet damage on Wednesday? Demo is not, what are you not getting from this?

I would strongly advice you to check pvp because you seem to think i don’t have a clue what im talking about :joy:


couldnt care less, theres pink paladin every corner of the forum since patch suddenly defending a broken class

demo is getting nerf on dreadbite by 10% top of everything else theyre nerfed on demo so far, bm and arms will still be stronger than demo so cry more on demo pls

in fact ill just ignore you as theres been enough of this pink going around trolling forum for past 3 days and now its apparently crying nerfs on demo from all of the things wrong on df

Imagine being so far up your own behind, you, a sub 1800 player, think the multi R1 skillcapped member is delusional regarding current meta.

And if you did any simple research, you’d find he is infact, not just a random ret paladin.

You’re too deranged to handle facts my guy.


I feel sorry for your hate towards paladins, only thing i can suggest is to keep watching our skillcapped videos and improving, 2k rating/mmr does not reflect how the game works on the highest level and AWC so its pointless arguing over it since your view is completely different than someone who plays on 3400.


cry more on demo, infact make a whole video on yt telling everyone how op demo is so we can have bunch of rerollers and we can farm them on arms and bm across the shuffles and other brachets, both which will still remain superior to single demo out there on df after every nerf that has hit on that spec most hated by blizzard since dawn of time

from all of the things wrong in df i cant believe someone goes this much effort on complain about some ö tier spec when there is for anyone to see so many outliers on the game that stomp on the ladders including on these demos, just brilliant

  • Demonic Strength now increases the damage of Felstorm by 300% (was 400%).

  • Dreadbite damage reduced by 10%.

This is clearly a nerf to N1 demo dmg source. At least dreadbite was N1, haven’t touched demo after 10.0.5.

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maybe every person crying about demo would like to try one for themselves for shuffles and see how they like the spec and its design and current state on the game

there is good reasent material from trille for anyone whos interested to watch where he plays one starting from 0cr and facing 3 arms warrior lobbys and the like, he is doing relatively fine because he is multi r1 and awc player after all but yet he is not enjoying single minute of his time, infact he complains the entire time just like every other playing demo does because the spec needs a rework if anything

i watch a guy with 5x 3-3.4k demo currently and all he say is swear everytime he tries to ramp his dmg because the core design of the spec is so bad that every monkey can train them and make their day as annoying as hell, but some think demo is the problem of df? give me a break

with the ret nerfs we will have more arms again and the changes on rsham will make it one of the healers on shuffles with these arms and bms, anyone going play demo on arms,rsham,bm lobbys will not think anything else than swears on his demo and this is what it has been so far already

the lobbys will be arms,retri,rsham arms,bm,disc arms,dh,fistweaver arms,dk,rsham yeah nerf demo i am sure that the purple man being trained in each of these lobbys feels far superior to anything else playing this god forsaken clown mode of game

Nerf fistweaver too plz


Guys its 29.3 so next reset irs not nerft yet

Oh, you are a 10x times multi R1 Holy Paladin playing on Tournament level skillcap?
Here, let the 1800 dude with 3000 forum posts school you, who clearly doesn’t care enough to form any actual arguments because “you are pink”, and because “in fact ill just ignore you as theres been enough of this pink going around trolling forum for past 3 days”.

Dunning Krueger Effect, at its highest peak. Just like in most of the European PvP forums of this game, as per usual. I think my eyes just started bleeding.

I swear, I wish I could have some of the confidence of these people irl!


honestly your spamming replys to me on every post on forum and ur every take is as delusional or ignoring the facts presented in post that ill ignore you aswell so atleast i can stop reading you but go ahead spamming replys to me on every post accross forum on multiple post i dont care

i bet the demos care alot of these people asking nerfs to their specs tho when everyone see what lobbys the future is going to be consisting tho

and the op is as delusional on his take if he thinks demo is even worth mentioning on any nerfs at this state of the pvp were heading and currently have

I have not been “spamming” anyone. You were the one who replied to me, and then all I did was just reply back. Thinking back, wasn’t it you, in fact, who replied to me the exact same copy-pasted message more than 3 times? :thinking: Isn’t THAT, spamming? :thinking:

On the bright side of things, please put me on ignore. You’re doing me the favor of saving me some random clicks and 1 minute of my time, along with some small spikes of depressive reading.

I guess, one day, when I’m going to be less delusional on every take of mine, and I rise up to your own level of awesomeness on telling 10x multi-Rank 1 players to learn how to play, perhaps then I shall prove myself worthy enough to converse with you, m’Lord! :crazy_face:


i literally have 10 posts from today just from you replying to me with something as delusional takes as you are representing here and completely going off tracks with the matter with your need of attention

can you seriously stop with this nonsense, literally stop replying to me on every post with something dumb what is wrong with you