Turtles All the Way Down

I did 7000 casts and I did most of this by taking my alt character to the party, but I couldn’t drop the mount.
I am wondering if there is a problem with this success.
I have been fishing for 1 day and 7 hours.

Sometimes mistakes happen so I don’t want to waste my time

7000 sounds like a lot. I know some people reported around 3000 before they got it, so maybe you are just unlucky.

But are you sure you are fishing from pools in the correct zones?

381 Frostdeep
While doing these, I took my alt character with me so multiply these indicators by two
I want it to be examined whether there is a mistake in success.

Elapsed : 1 day10:45min
Totals : 7674 cast
Frostdeep Minnow : 381 two characters I opened over 600 loot
Unusual Compass toy : 12
Riding Turtle : 1

Is there no official to help me with this?
Current situation
Frostdeep Minnow : 456
I want to know if there is a problem
I’m waiting for an answer from a GM

This sounds like a terrible way to fish for the turtle
You’d probably be better off actually fishing for it in zones the achievement tells you to.

The drop rate of the turtle from the Cave Dweller is 0.2%. So you’d expect to get it from 500th one on either character.

You are actually fairly lucky on the Minnows, since your fish rate is solid 5%, while the usually I can find is around 3-4%

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