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Twisted Empire is old PvP focused guild

Through the course of time and expansions some people left, stoped playing etc… but there is some of us who wants to bring back that old glory to this guild.
Not just to bring it back but to make it even bigger than before!!!


*1 Rated PvP in all forms (3v3,2v2 and RBGs)
*2 Casual PvP (Random practise BGs, Skirmishes)
*3 World PvP (Invasions, Epic BGs defense or offense)
*4 Guild wars (Later when numbers are high)
*5 Social part (We are friendly and socialy active, Discord server available)
*6 PvE content by demand (Mythic+, raids)
*7 Casual fun part (old content runs, transmog runs etc…)

*1=> RBGs are wednesday and sunday 19:30 till 23:00, we have open spots for main RBG group (in need for some ranged DPS), second group is in future plans when we fill up our ranks

*2=> Casual PvP is on demand by members (we encourage people playing premade BGs with use of voice, arenas and skirmishes too)

*3=> World PvP will be organized and put on calendar as event, we will start with smaller ones untill we fill up our roster a bit (search YouTube for old Twisted Empire WPvP events)

*4=> Alliance guilds and wargames with Horde guilds, after few world PvP events we will have our enemies showing up :wink:

*5=> Social part is very important to us, we dont wanna people just showing on disc when events are up and then leave, we would love to make new friendships and make community that will
help others who are bored or have nothing to do. Hanging out with cool people just talk and making jokes sometimes helps a lot. Discord usage and good english are mandatory :slight_smile:

*6=> We have mythic+ officer in guild, atm schedule for mythic+ is Mondays at 19:30. Feel free to call guildies for help in raids and dungs, we have PvE expirienced people in guild

*7=> Casual part will be organized at time when u have nothing to do ingame, in those moments when u jump around main cities we can go and hunt some nice mounts or pretty gear :smiley:

IMPORTANT: On events where sign up is required (RBGs, Mythic+) we have one rule: Signing up and not showing up will get u strike and with 3 strikes u will lose spot permanently.
Also when we have more of same class signed up for one spot dueling is must :smiley: (3 of 5 wins)

All classes and specs are welcome and would be considered.
For us, the consistency and willing to learn and play are much more important than previous exp/ratings etc.

If you have friend you like to play feel free to bring them too, we want friendly community and dont want to make you separate time for friends and guild :slight_smile:

Leave comment here or add me if you have questions or interested to join :slight_smile:



Hello, 2.2 season xp multiclasser. Willing to fill the spot for rbg or any other bracket. Hit me up if u see this, hydro#2667


Thanks for responding, will contact you ingame as soon as we are both online :slight_smile:

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