[Twisting Nether] Healer/DPS LF AOTC Raiding Guild Shadowlands

Hey there,
I’m Tom and looking for a raiding guild that will be achieving AOTC during each raid tier throughout Shadowlands and maybe even attempting some Mythic progress.
At this moment in time I am unsure of which class I will be playing specifically as I enjoy playing almost all classes. This means that if a specific class was going to be strong in an upcoming patch, I would be happy to play them.
I started playing WoW during 8.0 and played Ret Paladin and Havoc DH through BFA, achieving AOTC for Eternal Palace and Ny’Alotha (when I started taking raiding a little more seriously). I also played a small amount of resto druid around 8.2 in raiding environments.
I am currently planning on playing either a healer or a ret paladin, however as stated before, I am open to playing almost everything except for a tanking role.
If you or your guild is interested by this, feel free to message me on Discord at Burksy#8955 for further details.

Good evening Crumpet!

I see you posted with your realm tag, but on the guild finder forums. Although I understand the chance is low, I’m gonna try my luck and ask if you’d be willing on a realm transfer?

Wishes of great adventures,

Hi there!
While I wouldn’t be opposed to changing realms, swapping factions would mean that I would not be able to play with any of my friends, all of which play horde, on my main character/characters and this would be a major problem for me, and one that I see being unresolvable while playing Alliance.

(P.S. For The Alliance!)

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