Two 380+ multi char players Looking for a guild


As the title says. We are two 380+ multi char players Looking for a guild.
We have mostly been focusing on m+ this season. But are willing to spread out wings and try raiding again. I am willing to reroll any class just to be able to raid again.
Due to work, we can only raid max 2 days a week, until 22.00 server time. Making it hard for us to raid hardcore.
Both of us have been raiding in this game for ages and have the experience.

I am currently maining Rogue and my friend is maining Blood DK.

Links to our chars:óng

So what we are looking for: Either a 2 days raiding guild, that raids until max 22.00 server time.
Or a social spot in any raiding guild, needing to fill their alt roster with gearing and such.

If you have any questions feel free to add me on b-net: Cakenorris#2180 and my friend Bördinamnam#2393

Thanks for reading have a nice day.


hey there,
if you wanna have a chat you can add me Mau#22825 and we can talk :slight_smile:


Hey we are full swedish guild on tarrenmil any chans you are swedish? we are currently 4/8mythic in uldir and looking for a few more people for our roster to enter Bod As good as we can hit me if you are intreested i added you on b-tag !