Two Night Elves walk into a tree

One of them says “Is it hot in here?”
It’s called Dark Iron humour, :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


The only thing dark about teldrassil humour is the tree itself :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


I love when NightElf Man comes to where I standing .

No shame, but weird thing to say after a this kind of a joke

I like NightElf Man he is HandSome

Both of you walk into MyHouse become comfort , sit down , fart , laugh , eat

Now by that do you mean you have a image of what all night elf men sound like, like one character that represents them all or are you specifically targeting me, not trying to be mean just confused a little.

Huh, sounds pleasant but I do wonder if the fart is mandatory on the schedule or if its a metaphor for something like:
F - Fun
A - And
R - Raid
T - Time

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Yes , and need to make room in storage before you eat noBody can come in myHouse and do not eat because too full , do a fart and then eat more

“…the embers burn hot, the barbecue is me!”

thought we got rid of the nelfs