Two RDPS friends LF Guild

Hey there!

Reason for Guild change

As the title says, my friend and I are looking for a new Raiding Guild, reason being, I swapped off my disc priest and would prefer to play my hunter and our current guild does not have room in their mythic roster for another hunter!

About our characters

My friend plays Devastation Evoker but would really really like to play augmentation when it comes out.

I mained Warlock in Season 1, wanted to reroll to try disc but I decided it’s not really for me, so I went back to my hunter that is more or less my “main” from BFA/SL, etc. I’m “speed-gearing” my hunter as we speak!

On my priest and his Evoker we’re both 2/9Mythic in Aberrus, so ideally, we’d join a guild that has AOTC already!

We both actively enjoy mythic+! Me a lot more than him, mainly because I have a lot freer time to play than him.

About us

We rather introduce ourselves via a chat when we talk to people rather than in this post so hopefully that’s understandable! Feels more engaging.

Available Raid Times & Days

Any day Except Tuesdays!

Preferably somewhere between 19:00 (earliest start time) and 23:30 (latest ending time) Server time.

Contact us!





Thanks for reading, wish you a wonderful day!:heart:

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