Tyrael's Charger mount

I know that some people will agree and some will disagree about this, but since i am a mount collector and since the treasure goblin event is up for a certain period of time, all players who dont have already the mount are trying to get it, I think the drop chance should be the same as the first try of the day. So many players are trying to get it every half an hour but it’s almost imposible since the drop chance should be as i suspect like the big love rocket (0.003% i think?). It’s better to increase the drop chance, so many of us could get it or at least make the drop chance same for alts as the first try of the day.


It’s definitely a lot higher than 0.003%. I got it yesterday after a few days of killing the goblins, a friend of mine got it first try, I’ve seen quite a few people looting it next to me, and I’ve already seen loads of people riding the mount around.

Congrats, I’m on like kill 60 and still no mount, neither has my brother got it. Blizzard should add a currency that u can buy the mount with after u farmed it x amount of times

Edit: 61 kills and all I got is the same Polearm for the 6th time, Can’t even get a leg or bag

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yeah the first try is much higher but after that it diminishes by a lot. I just say that this should not happen.

Fomo needs to die.


Rare loot is not fomo :clown_face:


Honestly, I reckon they are gonna add it to the trading post in a few months anyway or at the very least it will be twitch drop/prime thingy at some point.

So :woman_shrugging: if it drops it drops if it doesn’t no big deal.


Rare loot for a timed event with blizzard never confirming it’s coming to Trading post is FOMO


A rare mount that was originally a Limited time sub reward

Cool and? it isn’t changing it’s FOMO

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Ok but they didnt need to bring it back your owed nothing

Eh, If I dont get it (without them adding to the Trading Post) I’ll be a bit whatever. Shame that I dont get it for my collection, but I’ll live with it. Not a huge fan of the wings.

they didn’t need to bring it back, hell they didn’t need to add a mount drop but they did, hence I am owed something for spending my time grinding it on the sub I pay for every month.

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people are so entitled since df came out

people have become so submissive after years of blizzard bs


Or maybe we understand how an mmo works. Not everyone gets everything

Not every mmo is sub based + dlc purchase with poor game management and a story written by a AI


Ok lets mod your account give you everything in the game and remove your sub cost. Sound good?

It briefly appeared in the cash shop in January, there is a big chance it will appear there again, on the traditional post, Twitch or Amazon. It’s not exclusive anymore.

Hell yeah, worth