Ugly Shadowform

(Kylandris) #1

Can the current Shadowform be changed? Give us the old shadowform or 7.3 shadowform. Or at least make some glyphs so that we can choose. My main is a spriest and it hurts me to see my character with this ugly form :frowning:


True, current Shadowform is terrible. Version in Legion was much better. Really looking forward for glyph of hiding shadowform

(Korrina) #3

Agree 100%. Give us back our old shadowform as a glyph. And while you are at it, remove the sparkles from levitate. Or at least make the cloud glyph hide them. :pleading_face:

(Punyelf) #4

They should let people glyph it away if they don’t want it. I’m always for more choice.

(Xartim) #5

yeah it is way to “voidy” with the swirls going on. it is the basic shadowform and not voidform afterall.

and i dont get why they removed the glyphs that changed shadow form either, its not like it hurt anyone except maybe blizzards pride that people didnt like the new stuff. who knows.

Just like with the new/old models when they removed our own choice of using old ones when it doesnt matter for anyone except yourself.

(Kylandris) #6

One of the reasons I started playing a Shadow Priest is because of the 7.3 Shadowform :frowning:

(Korrina) #7

:exploding_head: but…but…
Seriously though, with all the changes they did to my favourite spec I barely touched it through Legion. Just levelled my priest because, well, he was my first main, and nostalgia and feelings and such.

Now in BfA I’m finally getting used to the spec, but, if given the chance, I would go back to WoD’s shadow in a heartbeat.

(Aylish) #8

I miss the original shadowform. Always thought it looked the best. Still do.

(system) #9

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