UI + Addons resetting to default settings


My entire game seems to have reset to default settings on it’s own?!


  1. Logged onto the Battlenet app today and there was a minor update (normal).

  2. Afterwards I loaded up WoW to get the BFA opening cinematic along with an error message. Thought this was strange.

  3. Closed the cinematic and error message and went to character screen to be greeted with a “Your addons are out of date” message. Thought also strange.

  4. Loaded into character (Loading out of date addons) as i would normally. And i’m greeted by default settings on everything.

All my adds are there; but not saved settings. All the Blizzard UI settings are reset to default.

Checked the WTF/Cache/Addon folders etc., appears everything is just default settings in there (nothing under saved variables etc.). Completely wiped clean.

Sadly; the last time i backed up these files was c1year ago; and my back up hard drive since packed in.

Although its extremely annoying, thankfully TSMApp backed up my TSM settings (the only substantial addon configuration i use these days). Quite frankly i probably would have just quit rather than reconfigure that beast.

I can’t see any posts about this issue (but a few guildies said they had a similar problem yesterday) so i thought i would bring this to the Devs attention and thank them for wasting my time again.

Sincerely, a (getting very bored of all your rubbish) customer.

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Check your WTF folder, there are all saved variable from addons and in-game options, is it clear?

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