Ulduar 25 HM vendor needed with ICC

Pretty much people are tired of running ulduar forever only to see trinkets drop.

I believe having killed a boss 20 times and not having every loot out of it is not fun and definately does not serve any purpose.

I am one of the few uh dks who still do not have comet’s trail. 20 kills seen it only once and lost it to highest bidder cause I just spent 100k on Death’s choice the same week.

Literally 20 kills 1 drop, this is insane. We just need a damn vendor or something so we can move on. Ulduar is a good raid but its just boring now after so many months.


You should have killed it 40+ times by now.



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I killed Vezax 38 times and still missing Flare on my main… It would be great to be able to buy 25 HM loot in phase 4 for a proper price, or atleast increase the % chance of dropping for trinkets (that was clearly nerfed). Or increase the loot to 2 items per HM boss.


You dont really need it to Finnish the game, either continue doing ulduar or just accept that you didnt get it. I didnt get a single vezax sword on my warrior either. And i still need 1 since i wont get 2 axes from TOGC.


But Phylactery and Scale will be even harder to get IMO. Flare will still be very useful for a demo in ICC. Can’t they just buff the HM loot at least?

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You dont need it. Just keep pugging or just accept that you dont get it. Not many ppl got full bis from ulduar.

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Not every guild got algalon week 1… The point of the post is not that.

Do you agree that 1 drop in 20 kills is reasonable. Yes or no, simple to answer.

Reasonable is a bad word to use, since reason has no influence on a dice roll.

1 in 20 is definatly not unlikely on a boss that drops 5 items, its just bad luck.

Do you seriously have any idea what are the odds of a 1/5 event not happening 20 consecutive times? But the again the post is not about loot drop chances, its about after having farmed a boss for ages you need to be able to have the rewards from this boss.

Instead blizzard nerfed trinket drop chances to increase content longevity but it made it a never ending grind for the majority of players.

It is pretty funny how some people demand items they want from Blizzard. Good luck with another 20 runs. :smiley:

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That’s just the common mentality nowadays.

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Still I think there’s something tweaked with the drop chance. The other 4 items drop way more oftenly than the trinkets. I’ve been doing almost weekly Ulduar runs with 2 chars since phase 2 started and that’s my idea.

Since its random, yes sometimes that can be reasonable. And flare isnt from algalon, its from vezax wich is a much easier boss.

In this thread you have my support Nebulax. It’s a bit unfair how many easily availible bis or close-to-bis trinket options there are for melee dps. Meanwhile I see caster mains still using phase 1 ones. I used to run a naxx trinket recently aswell, but just a few resets ago I was lucky enough to get a hold of a Reign.

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Ulduar was released on January 19th, today is September 12th, do the math, nobody has killed it 40 times. Took me 25 kills before I got Comet’s trail, seen it drop 4 times total

You’ve killed Vezax 38 times despite that 34kills would be the maximum possible? Amazing.

Ret Paladins are still using Darkmoon Card Greatness, which is a phase 1. There are no shortage of good caster trinkets.

35 as for today actually. I guessed the number was around that but now I confirmed in WCL. 3 kills difference, amazing ^^

The only decent trinket for casters from p1 is DC and just for the proc since hitcap is way easier to reach even in p3.



Im pretty sure that any mathmatician would say that the odds are quite decent, simply due to the very low sample size.
Lets say that the drop chance of all of his items is equal (which we do not know if they are) there is a 80% chance of flare not dropping, every time you kill vexaz.

And the drop chance IS what this is about, you had bad luck, how long you have farmed is pretty irrelevant as long as there is a chance of it happening. 20 kills is also not a very big number.

Loot in wow is RNG based, and never have blizzard made it so that you are supposed to be 100% bis, BIS lists are player made, and these ones are made 15 years after the creation of the game.

New raid is coming soon with new bis trinkets, good luck on those.

Thank you wow devs.