Unbound Plague sometimes deals 4x dmg in 10 man heoric and 1/4 dmg in 25 man heroic Putricide

Supposedly, the Unbound Plague starts with 250/s in 10-man and 1000/s in 25-man, however, we saw 10-man sometimes starts with 1000/s and 25-man starts with 250/s

I have all the example WCL log links but seems I can only post the report IDs here.

10-man 250/s plague: Tcrbf6Avzn4qh7gp
10-man 1000/s plague : Qd6nJzb7Z1AVBPHF
25-man 250/s plague: aXtDP1K3RFjhJVvA
25-man 1000/s plague: 2LkThCgmFrJqv8t7

All the first ticks of course are done before any Plague Sickness

We’ve also seen Mutated Plague in the last phase have similar behavior.

This inconsistency made the raid tactics quite unmanageable and untestable.

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Anyone from blizzard looking into this bug yet? Slim chance but please confirm if this is a bug or expected behaviour. It has been 3rd test, and still no info about this.


got same bug on live server, 21 wipe, 2 wasted hours
998 dmg starting tick in 10 heroic :skull_and_crossbones:
thank you blizz, best experience as always :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: