Undead Moon Priests are here ! 8.2.5 enjoy your time Night Elves

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So an undead Moon priestess of Elune model has been data mined for 8.2.5, this is going places, it is as if they gave us that wannabe victory and fist pump moment with Tyrande and Malfurion in 8.1 to dump the entire bucket of manure on us now.
8.1 Kaldorei Dark Rangers/ with Delaryn Summermoon.
8.2 Kaldorei undead Wardens working with Orcs in the Orgrimmar dungeons.
now let us debate this creative decision.



The Horde is getting Undead Night Elves and the Alliance is getting reforged Undead, this pretty much confirms it, the models are way too detailed…


If anything (in terms of the story right now.), I hope that the undead Night Elves at least end up betraying Sylvanas at some point. I have no idea how they would re-join the Night Elves again, if they would even be accepted, etc.
Undead Night Elves (and Lightforged undead.) should not have happened in the first place though. :man_shrugging:


A sad day indeed, F.


I mean, Humans have been raised in so many awful yet creative ways, maybe we should make a thread about that as well? :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a question. At the risk of my head being chopped off… again.

I looked at your provided links and none of them suggests it’s an actual Undead Moon Priest. Not even the item links - which are SoO drops - suggest they are denotions of it being a Moon Priest.

The argument of UD Night Elves being Horde is old, which is why I wanted to ask about this one. For all we know, Amara is just a placeholder or just a random NPC.

Unless it’s stated somewhere all Night Elves in pretty sleeveless dresses are Moon Priests?


Check the voice files on Wowhead.

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Priestess of the Elune, are elves who believe in Elune and gain powers from her. There cannot be Undead Priestess, because this is just MEGA STUPID.
Please show me the face of the idiot who decided to spit in to the LORE again?

Damn, I’m totally out of this game! :nauseated_face:


Meh, been there, done that. It’s the same thing that has happened in Silverpine (Ambermill, Fenris Isle, the intro itself), Hillsbrad (basically the entire zone) and Western Plaguelands (Andorhal). Not even counting the Scarlet Crusade npcs who joined forsaken because… I don’t know. And we have individual cases of this as well, with characters like Galen. Blizzard just loves doing the same stuff over and over again.


She might be an NPC for Hallows End, since that’s coming up soon.

There says nothing in the article about her being a Priestess of Elune.


It might look bad for some people and of course it wasn’t necessary to introduce them (if they aren’t just a place holder for something else), but why should I actually care about a Night Elf which stopped to act like a Night Elf?

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Doesn’t sound undead to me, no matter how its labeled. Possible place-holder, but we don’t know for what yet.


Considering they went out of their way to place a dark warden in the Baine rescue scenario, there’s a high chance there will be undead nelves involved with whatever Sylvie bullsh!t next patch brings.

I expect forsaken, undead belves + nelves and Sunreavers as her followers.

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There is a lot of lore information backing up humans/Vrykul being raised, unlike the Kaldorei who were immune to such shenanigans. I also don’t appreciate your sarcasm,feel free to make whatever thread you want, the forums exist for discussion and debate.


She could just be a vampire-style NPC for the Halloween event. Let’s not jump to conclusions too quickly. Remember when we thought Blood Prince Dreven would be important, only for him to get killed off in two minutes?


That’s what I’m thinking too. Hallows End begins in a month, and judging by the lines that were datamined as well, it makes most sense that she’s an NPC for the event.
But we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Considering for the last few patches we had our Main city destroyed,Homeland invaded,Leaders Axed to the back,Soldiers brutalized, Soldiers joining the enemy, Soldiers used as fodder, forgive us we are allowed to panic. However it is still early, hopefully there must be a mistake.

agreed,they keep throwing it there, it is unavoidable.

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She is the one, who is welcomes new Night Elf players in the game. She is the one, who Night Elves met at the very beginning.
Making her Sylvanas DOG, is a SPIT to all Night Elves fan base from Blizzard. A clear spit to totally each Night Elf players in the game from Developers.

Don’t know about others, but I have just canceled my subscription finally, after 12 years of playing.:male_detective:

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All am saying is, lets not be hasty in judgement, alright?

That night elf’s last name is Nightwalker. Not Lunastar.


They don’t have the same facial marking either.


Don’t you go and ruin a perfectly good rush of Night Elf hysteria!