<Unfinished Sympathy> (H) Recruiting lemmings for AQ40 and Naxx!

(H) Recruiting lemmings for AQ40 and Naxx!

Hello fellow adventurer! The name’s Dumblebored and I’m here to introduce you to our guild . Originally founded in Vanilla, the guild has been kept alive through many expansions with the core players often returning on new content. Re-founded by some of the core members, we are now part of the Ashbringer server (Horde, EU) with our name intact.

The guild itself is somewhere in between a casual guild and a casual-hardcore, where the direction you go is really up to only you. The current core team is looking for more raiders, but there is also the option to chill with the guildies ingame or on discord – while joining a raid every now and then. Our focus is primarily to clear PvE content, but have a few people interested in PvP aswell. Being a core raider has its benefits in regards to priority on loot and raid spots – but are on the other hand asked to prepare for raids with (some) world buffs, consumables and tactics.

Since the start of Molten Core we have been taking down almost all content every week, and have our eyes set on AQ40 and Naxxramas in the future. Our current roster sits about just enough to down our previous content, but seems to lack a handful for these times of progression. For this purpose, we are looking for more lemmings to fill up our raid ranks.

We are looking for mature people, as our roster consists mainly of people aged 22-45. Proper communication skills and being able to listen to instructions are a must, while having a mic is a big pré. Gear and skill is of lesser importance as we can find ways to gear you up, and together we can help each other improve skill-wise when necessary.

Raiding days at this time:

Wednesday – AQ40;
Friday – MC/BWL;
Sunday – AQ40;

All raids are held from 20:00 until 23:00, with (usually) summons available around 19:00. Loot distribution in the raids is done via DKP (current content), and roll on old/smaller content (MC/ZG/AQ20) with a few items on LC.

Other days are currently being used to do AQ20 runs and ZG (idol/full) runs. Nothing mandatory for these raids.

That said, we are currently looking for the following roles to join our core raid team:

  • Rogue(s)
  • (Fury) Warrior(s)
  • Resto druid(s)
  • Resto shaman(s)
  • Hunter(s)
  • Shadow Priest (to satisfy our complaining warlocks)

For more information, feel free to reply to this thread or to whisper any of the officers in-game (Dumblebored, Nemura, Ninja or Margol). Since we’re mainly on alts these days, you can always /who Unfinished and ask someone for an officer :wink:

We hope to hear from you soon!

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