Unity BUG - need help

Hello guys, hi blizzard,

i need some help especially from blizz. My warrior is affected by the unity bug which causes that my legendary stopps working mid dugeon. I’ve read, the bug was fixed, i think it was in S3, but its still not fixed with my warrior.

It appears any id. Sometimes only 1 or 2 times a week, sometimes uo to 5-10 times. I’ve done a ticket ingame, in which blizz told me the bug is fixed and there isnt a problem anymore. I’ve answered, that it isnt fixed an they can just look at my runs which i told in the ticket. In ticket i posted like 5 times, when it appeared, blizz told me they are looking at my problem. It didnt appear for like 2 or 3 ids. Now i have it again.

Maybe someone has the same issues?

Pls blizz, i play months with this issue, fix it on my warrior. Its really frustrating

Hey Rockyb,

I’m afraid that game masters aren’t able to fix bugs, so if a bug persists after being fixed by the developer, you would need to report it to them directly. Please do try to explain in as much details as possible how to reproduce the bug in your report, this usually helps get them fixed faster. :slight_smile:

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