Unmasking the Unseen Guests

(Disclaimer: Wear your tinfoil hat)
We know that the Dreadlords have infilrtated every cosmic force in service of Denathrius and the Jailer, and that they have altered their appearance and being by consuming each of these forces to blend-in and achieve absolute stealth.
We also know that they infiltrated the Legion first, by surrendering their fake planet of Nathreza.
They have been manipulating the Legion, manipulated Sargeras into fructuring the Pantheon of Order, they have sent a very special spy amidst the ranks of the Light whom we have met in Legion, and they have also infiltrated the two remaining powers: Life and Void.
The thing is, we never really saw anything that could raise suspicions in those two forces, did we?
On the domain of Life, we know from the book “Enemy Infiltration” that the Dreadlord spy is female, and has “already gained the trust of her target”. Il’gynoth warns: “The vassal of Life disguises treachery. Beware te eyes of green”.
A vassal is a high-ranking servant of a ruler. What other vassal could we think of in the domain of Life, other than the leader of the Green Dragonflight?
After Ysera’s death, the leadership of the Dream’s guardians has conveniently been given to her alleged daughter, Merithra of the Dream. She gained the trust of Ysera and the other green dragons, and arose within the ranks to claim the mantle of Aspect.
Now one could argue that she seems innocent, devoted to Life. Well, dreadlords are known for their skills of acting. In Warcraft 3, they even killed one another to gain the trust of Sylvanas. One could also argue that she is not the vassal that disguises treachery, as her eyes are not green, but blue, like Ysera’s. Her eyes are blue in Night Elf form. In dragon form, they are, well, emerald.
Now let us head to the Void. There are two really good candidates: Xal’atath and Il’gynoth. Xal’atath could be the dreadlord operative, as she seems to have been punished with imprisonment for doing something that did not please the Void, and, as our new book states, the Unseen Ones fear that the Void could “anticipate their coming”.
Il’gynoth, on the other hand, seems to be a little autonomus from N’zoth’s mind, telling us much cryptic information, especially about the Shadowlands, which is more than curious. He even has wings like Illidan’s, something not very common among the ranks of the Void. He has made suggestions about the Jailer, informed us about someone dangerous in the ranks of Life, and even about the bargain that the Light struck with the “enemy of all” (the Jailer fits the description, could be about the Light claiming the soul of Calia back from the broken route to the Maw, or the rebellion that started in Bastion by the Light-part of Uther and led to the creation of the Mawsworn).
If this guy is not the dreadlord operative, then one thing is sure: That the Void has unmasked them, and they are in deep :poop: right now.

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I mean, its a nice theory and its certainly fun to speculate, but i simply cant buy any of it. Because lets be honest, Blizzard has NEVER written schemers as suble. Not a single time, not even with Dreadlords. Saiden Dathrohan? We never even interacted with him and tbh, we didnt needed to, because even in disguise he was a fanatical bad guy that needed to be put down. Varimathras also was really sketchy from day 1, so you immediatly knew “Yep, he´s doing his own thing.” Mal Ganis? Barean Westwind also was really strange from the first time we met thing, spewing all this talk about “Masters”, about “you serverd your purpose, Abbendis” etc. So typical uncaring bad-guy talk. Detheroc as Shaw also acted on your nose strange. I can only assume blizz does write this way so even the least brightest players can catch on to the notion that something is going on here. Otherwise, there really wouldnt be any good reason to have in clearly communicated straight in your face. Again, our newest example: Denathrius. Despite we working with him at the beginning he and his underlings where the most obvious uncaring, neglecting and tyrannical bad guys you can imagine. Disney-cartoon level obvious. With all that in mind, to think that there is some IQ 400 deception going on… nah, thats simply not how Blizzard tells storys.


There is a problem with trying to tie together the quote of Il’gynoth and the book is that this preface describes times before the Burning Legion was a thing, so whoever “gained trust” did it way before the aspects became a thing. Maybe even before the Pantheon visited Azeroth.

If they are not about the same character, what other could be? Since obvious options are obvious, I’d suggest as something less likely, Freya who was also influenced by Yogg-Saron for a while and who knows what could that lead to in the long run.

Other than that - it’s possible. Those whispers are so vague that all of these and other options could fit rather well.

gl hf

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But Denathrius is totally subtle, isn’t he? :wink: I’m a bit sad that he didn’t get a Disney-style villain song. Maybe someone should make his Afterlfes-Speech into one some way…

And N’zoth’s plan to take over Azeroth was just genius! He knew about everything we were planning ad carefully manipulated us to… defeat him. Probably all just part of his evil plan for the future.

Not to mention Azshara, who had 10k years to prepare to… get people with the Heart of Azeroth into her personal chambers, I guess? Great scheming, fish lady.

And Lord Prestor aka Deathwing, now that was a master schemer! Especially in WoW where he spent his addon… setting fire to Azeroth and talking crazy.

Yeah, no, they are better with guys like Gul’dan and WoD-Blackhand as villains, as opposed to schemers.


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