Unobtainable BiS gear from Legion Timewalking

Several specs have their BiS trinket (e.g. Moonlit Prism for arcane mages and shadow priests) dropping from Legion Timewalking and are no longer obtainable in Shadowlands. In previous seasons gear from current tier was better, but this time players who run timewalking m+ have clear edge over players, who weren’t playing that particular week.

Please, add a way for a returning players to get legion timewalking gear.

I mean, arcane mages and shadow priests are still the red headed step kids of the M+ world. I’d take a lock or an SV hunter over them regardless of whether they had a trinket that moves them from mediocre to poor.

I don’t think that is an issue. You can get current season trinkets that will give you similar enough performance, and Legion timewalking is disappearing in an upcoming expansion anyways.

You never saw a good SP or Arcane mage rlly. Yes there AoE are bad compared to locks/survival hunters but still. Stop with the nonsense as if there class is bad.

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