Unplayable on Mac since last PTR Update


PTR is totally unplayable since last update on PTR with Lags - Raid testings were not possible - Even though I lowered my Graphics Settings to 2/3 and still it is not playable… Please fix it! thx (not add-on / weak aura problem) but software issue that need to be fixed before 10.2 is up on retail


Arent macs made for work and general stuff?
Not gaming?

Having the exact same problem! Worked fine until the latest release.

Btw when reporting issues like these, worth letting Devs know what kind of Mac you’re using. i.e. Intel, Apple Silicon, Model, etc.

Macs are highly capable gaming machines that work well for games designed for it. WoW has historically been at the bleeding edge of Mac support.

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Well I have a M1 Max with 32 GB of memory and enough SD space to play the game. It worked totally fine last week on PTR but since last Wednesday it has become unplayable.

Same for my M1 Max 64 GB RAM game is unplayable since last PTR build. Retail works fine. Contacted support but they told me since it’s PTR I should write the issue on forum. Blizzard please do not release this bug on retail. Problem does not exist on same character on Windows PTR so it’s only MAC OS problem. Update from Ventura to new 14.0 OS did not help as well

Even worst with latest update that happen yesterday - Valdrakken is FULL LAG 0 FPS … Looks like they don’t want us to play PTR until the release …

As I see mostly Apple Silicon models of all varieties that are being reported! But to call WoW on the bleeding edge of Mac support is not entirely true. Not to deny that WoW on day one was Apple Silicon Native, but Battle.Net is still an intel app and you have to turn on automatic closing when launching wow to not cause a power consuming hog. Also still waiting after a year of introduction for MetalFX support to replace AMD FX Upscaling. it’s much more efficient and might even increase WoW’s reachability of finding a new market of students that use their MacBook for their study.

Bumping this yet again, 2 builds along, still unstable as it can be

I wouldn’t bother a lot about Mac. Won’t be surprised if the first thing Microsoft did was ending Mac support. Barely any MMO supports Mac anyways, and a lot of the few which did are retiring said support.

It would surprise you how many actually do play WoW on Mac. Just because there is a stigma from the Windows side that you can’t game on a Mac, doesn’t mean there are no gamers on Mac! Plus in the agreement was said that WoW would still support other platforms next to Windows after the deal in upcoming expansions!

Nooooo, don’t misunderstand me. I never said you can’t game in a Mac. The problem is that gaming in a mac requires for companies to develop a second full client specifically for Mac. And most companies deem (rightfully so) that the volume of potential players is not enough for that investment to be profitable. That’s why little companies offer Mac support, and a lot of the ones who do end retiring said support.

For example, Wargaming retired the native Mac support from their “World of” series three years ago. The official reason was that the amount of resources required to develop and maintain the Mac clients was hampering the overall game development, and that the amount of players using it wasn’t high enough to grant that investment, so they were retiring the support. As a result, only WoT is playable on Mac anymore, and without official support, but via a third party wrapper which allows to execute the Windows client and that, according to the forum, doesn’t work particularly well.

Still unplayable, even in less crowded areas game is stuttering especially while opening the map. Retail is super fine

Blizzard will support WoW on macOS for as long as it remains profitable.

It’s not a case of “will they/won’t they”, or whether Microsoft likes Apple (Minecraft has a native version on macOS, btw). Either the game will always have a Mac port, or one day they’ll decide it’s not worth the time/money to keep it going.

It’s worth noting that Final Fantasy 14 has an “official” (I use the term loosely) Mac version. Granted, it’s a half-arsed Wine wrapper of the Windows version, but it’s there and it’s supported. The third party variant (XIV on Mac) makes the game run exceptionally well.

That being said, the 10.2 PTR still crashes on me whenever it feels like it.