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Yesterday I realized that my account was banned and I hadn’t received any email stating as to why platypus). I contacted support and was disappointed with the reply I received. I have attached the email in the end of this post.
1.In the email that I received from Blizzard It is stated that Blizzard does not do business in certain countries. All the payments from my account were either made by gift cards or credit cards which belong to my friends in countries that Blizzard have no problems with and other than that these payments were made to buy Blizzard balance, a virtual currency that has no other use elsewhere and cannot be refunded or transferred back to real money.
2. In the case of travelling between countries (Ukraine and Iran in my case) it seems odd that instead of preventing certain IPs from accessing the game my whole account has to get permanently banned and what’s even more odd than that is that why am I even allowed to create a battle.net account in the first place?!
3. If such rule exists, I had to no ways of knowing of its existence or when was Blizzard obligated to take action and why as a player from said countries I wasn’t informed about the ban possibility during 3 years of my activity? It is surprisingly unreasonable that it took Blizzard around 3 years to make this decision while I know at least 10 other close friends and guild members who have been playing the game for more than 7 years now and are online at this very moment from Iran without any proxy or vpn.
4. What makes this situation even more unfortunate is that Blizzard decided to ban my account right after I purchased a 6 month subscription to re-live the classic experience I had in my childhood with my friends, and this is apart from the financial point of view which in case of WoW has less value than the connection I have with the game. I remember there was a similar situation back in 2011-2012 when players from Iran were banned but this was undone years ago and now it seems that we’re moving only backwards.
I am well aware of the U.S sanctions but the measures taken by Blizzard in my case at least seem harsh and unreasonable especially since I have lost all I have done during these years.
I appreciate the time you put into reading this and am curious to find out the reasoning behind each of the issues I pointed out
p.s : the reply I recieved, and I quote: "Hey Shahriar,

Blizzard Entertainment is legally restricted from doing business in certain countries. As a result, our Blizzard website and games do not permit connection from those countries. Blizzard has also removed recurring subscriptions from accounts that were connecting from those countries.

Blizzard is required to take these steps, to comply with legal requirements that forbid service to specific countries. This also prevents us from providing any refunds, credits, transfers, or other service options to accounts in these countries.

We appreciate your understanding in our position on this matter. As we have no other information to provide, additional inquiries related to this matter may not receive a response.

Farewell then and have a nice day"



If you want to have this looked into further, please don’t hesitate and contact support directly again. Please note that this is not something we can discuss here on the forum.

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