Unstable Affliction

I want to make a suggestion.
Since I started playing Affliction, I noticed that the UA dispel hits for 18k-20k and in burst mode around 35k.
But I think UA dispel should always hit for 40k but the scaling when burst is active should be reduced. So that a maximum hit of 55k is possible.
The reason UA got introduced was to protect the dot dmg, but my feeling is that every healer just dispel the dots like they want. But if you lose around 50% life for that, every healer would think twice.

Another idea, instead of only silence there weil be First a 3 second stun and then a 4 second Silence, but then keep the dmg as it is now.

would be enough if they keep the damage and both targets would get something that hurts
its mostly that the healer lines u and has no dots on him , dispells himself and goes back behind pillar


That’s why my first suggestion was to increase the dmg on dispel, so the heal thinks twice.
But your idea would be also good, but I don’t think it is enough punishment. Maybe the dots switch the target? If the heal dispels he gets the dots reverted to him? So the risk for the heal is higher.

or also that dots can only be dispelled if UA is not on the target otherwise u have to get ua at first off

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then u have a real dispell protection. but it would be great if there would be faster ways to get dots on the target , the overall damage of aff is already very high . I think maybe a pvp talent that makes interrupts 40% less effective cause of one spell school would also be good .but next patch people will wonder cause of sb oneshots anyway

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Or with Drain Soul, I’m already playing it. 13-15k per tick above 20% health and 20-25k beneath 20% depends on decimating Bolt buff.

It is really fun to see people get drained and dying use def cds, because they think they will survive :smiley:

There are now some good ideas for blizzard, for the faster dot cast there was a talent called Soul Swap.

or one 30 sec cd , 3 soulshards , apply ua agony + corruption instant

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Maybe 2 Shards would be enough.

They should definitely bring back Death’s Embrace. We don’t have a heal reduce skill/Talent/Pet, so we need Death’s Embrace.

Next is Drain Soul and Drain Life can again work as one spell or merged into Malefic Grasp. And the ID Talent then works with Decimating Bolt “pls insert here diabolic laugh”

But before they buff our dmg pls buff the survivability

y but in general i think the worst problem with the shard is the rng regen of shards here , this builder spender playstyle doesnt fit aff in general

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It would be better of Shards are only used to empower spells. We had that once where Soul Swap Empowered put all dots on the target.

Wer need this back:

  • Soul Effigy
  • Level 100 Affliction warlock talent
  • 40 yd range
  • 1.5 sec cast
  • Creates a Soul Effigy bound to the target, which is attackable only by you. 35% of all damage taken by the Effigy is duplicated on the original target. Limit 1. Lasts 10 min.

I never thought I will miss this:

  • Malefic Grasp
  • 40 yd range
  • 1.5% of base mana
  • Channeled
  • Binds the target in twilight, causing X Shadow damage over 4 sec.

Every 1 sec, when Malefic Grasp deals damage, it causes all of your other periodic Affliction damage effects to instantly deal 30% of their normal periodic damage.

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Lol…give me your 20k hits with a silence and take my 3sec instabreak useless fear.

Applying debuffs on dispel should be removed from the game . In epic battlegrounds you always get a ton of these debuffs on you, and if you rely on dispelling yourself as a tank, you end up feared and silenced 24/7 without DR.

Woah…hold your horses man. There are classes that are designed solely around dots.
Thats why the craven hunter lego is one of the most broken effects ever added to the game.

Its like saying that melee should be disarmed 24/7 because in bg they are tuneling you as a caster.

You didn’t read what I wrote. Debuffs when being dispelled should be removed. When I’m fighting an ebg with a PvP talent that removes debuffs on immolation aura, which I literally have to spam, I usually get a 2 second fear/3 second silence, because there’s always going to be at least one of those dots on me. With the tier set ensuring I can press this button roughly every 4~6 seconds, I’m easily feared or silenced for 30~50% of the fight, which is excluding all the other CC being thrown on me.

But UA is designed to protect our dots, and that’s the reason for the silence and the dmg. Still the punishment is to little, in arena or even bg just pre hit a movement buff then dispel and still you can run away from the lock.

So either increase the dmg and only dispel UA leave the other dots on the target or increase the dmg of UA so at least 50% hp is lost.

y in the past u needed to dispell every debuff on its own , what was very awkward in rbg s for healer , but now there are so many and ua in comp with mindgames would be terrible if u dont have a choice what to dispell . think the best solution here would a way to get the debuffs faster with an instant on cd on one target but aff also needs a slight rework again next expansion .

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I have i hopes because of the New talent tree rework.

They should do something for UA dispel, right know no healer fears the dispel. So they need to increase the dispel dmg.