Unsubbed waiting to return?

It seems that the devs are making changes to some of the players liking.
Now i am waiting for a change that is to my liking, and i am waiting Unsubbed.

So a question: are you waiting for something in particular before you return?

I go first.

I dont like any of the current classes that wears leather or cloth so when i loot gears from leather and cloth that i dont have in my appearence collection i would have to torture myself getting one of them up in level just to collect them, and many of these gears look nice and i want to wear them.

So, I am waiting for a new class that suites me a class that wears all armors so i can collect transmogs without being forced to play on extra characters. And this is according to a previous post: 4 specced classes

General idea is:
Spec 1 Plate - Tank - preferred playstyle: Prot Warr
Spec 2 Mail - Melee Dps - preferred playstyle: Fury Warr
Spec 3 Leather - Caster - preferred playstyle: Elemental Shaman
Spec 4 Cloth - Healer - preferred playstyle: Resto Shaman

So if i see anything in the perifery of this i will return.

Looks like you aren’t returning then. No class will have more than one preferred armour type.

Anyway, your caster and healer types are backwards. One cloth healer and two leather healers.

So what would you like to see happen before you return?

I don’t play retail much, if at all and have half skipped this expansion, so I’ve kind of left, probably until the next expansion. I play classic TBC.

How do you still enjoy classic? Cleared all raids oncd (faceroll with undergeared guildies at the time) and exalted with every ingame faction 3 weeks into TBC. Zzz

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