Until these changes i won't play the game

Fury : MS nerfed to 25% from 40%

Outlaw control nerfed, can’t have both

Priests overall dominating.

Well thanks for good times.


Sounds like you want to buff Priests, breh

you wish bro…

I thought fury was already down to 20%? :d

It’s still 40% with 8 stacks.

Fury as a spec shouldn’t have any MS to begin with, should just be pure damage and selfhealing. So up the damage (because it’s not even close to top in damage output, it’s just the MS making it feel like more than it is), and remove those damn MS stacks.


They nerfed it by 50%, so its now only 40%. Seems legit!

The problem with outlaw is that not only they cc the whole enemy team, basically being able to afk a players for dozen of seconds on end, but on top of that they’re constantly topping the meter , can’t have both the best ccs in the game and one of the best dps.
(You noticed I didn’t talk about the unbearable, permanent, and undispellable slow they bring on the table)

If they decide to PvE you down , you’ll basically die every kidney (which is a 7sec stun on a 20sec CD… huh , great game design, innit?)

Fury warriors bring similar issues, instead of having a tremendous tool of ccs , they do slightly more damage than outlaw, but bring a 40% healing reduction , and have a 100% uptime basically all the time… try to kite a fury as caster , good luck ! can’t even kite them as boomkin , I mean , druid struggling to kite a … warrior ? really ? Thanks to those infinite charges.
Oh also I forgot, their self-healing is bonkers

About priests , well , the problem comes from their covenant , every single priest and their mom abuses of the cringeworthy kyrian sh*it.
Get rid of this thing, you won’t see so many priests anymore.

Quite simple, isn’t it Blizzard ?

No. Don’t up the DMG. Just remove ms. Fury should be deleted from PvP, together with outlaw.
Those pve specs are not designed for pvp environment and should not exist in arena, just like tanks.
No “nerf Them a little”. Completely gut them to the point of non viability.

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That’s literally what would happen to them if MS would be removed from fury without a buff to damage output. You do realise their damage output is weak in comparison to other classes, right? It just feels like more because of those MS stacks, because it makes it harder to heal through.

And fury shouldn’t even have an MS to begin with, they are a spec wielding 2x 2-handers, they are thematically supposed to be hitting hard, while arms is supposed to be the spec with the MS effect for warrs. Instead it’s like this now with fury hitting pretty damn weak for a spec with 2x 2-handers, because it’d be too broken with both a lot of dmg on top of those MS stacks, which is just worse. Remove the MS stacks and up the damage, and the spec would be doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Just. Raw. Damage.

Compare fury warrs’ dmg outputs in arenas to whatever else is in the arena and you’ll see for yourself in the scoreboards, their damage output is turned down to make room for those MS stacks in the design.

“And That’s A Good Thing”

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