Unwavering Ward essence laughably bad?

Minor Power: Every 10 seconds, allies within 15 yards gain a shield that absorbs 1890 damage, stacking up to 14178

(rank 1, on 440 ilvl)
Rank 2: Absorption can stack up to 20% higher.

You could triple the effect and I still wouldn’t use it. You would have to charge the shield for 80 seconds to get it to full power, but after all that, it would still be so weak that it would break from one tick of a random dot.

If the concern is multiple healers stacking it in a raid, then why not just increase the effect in non-raid groups. The Holy Priest’s Divine Hymn is balanced the same way.

It does a lot of healing in raid though and already comparable minor on rank 1 to the others?

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It’s a passive heal that tags on a absorption to the people around you every set time. Infact, in terms of healing, it is amazing. Just at rank one of this, my raid team is experiencing about an extra 1.1-1.2m more healing than without it. Additionally, as it ranks up and gives more of an affect. It’s use will be valued more.

The major is useless, now that I agree with. But the passive is amazing for having a heal you don’t need to worry about. Consider it also amazing on bosses like Maut. Where the absorption with the 50% increase is a massive heal.

I can confirm that Unwavering Ward as a minor is exceptionally strong. All of the healers in my raid team run it and on some fights we’re seeing millions of healing done by this essence minor just by been stacked up.

However it’s not something I would take into things like M+ or other solo/5man content but for raiding it’s one of the strongest minors you can get.