Upcoming 29.06 destruction nerfs

If this goes live, spec is dead again, just like in season 1 and 2.

I was thinking of having more soft approach instead of hammering it down:

  • Stack of rain of chaos is now capped at 1 minute. Which means we can only gain 30 seconds from Blasphemy, which means we wouldn’t ever again be in situation that I guess you, the devs, dreadfully dislike, aka having this buff stacked to 3-5 minutes after leaving area of big pulls.

  • Make it so that first Blasphemy gives us one extension of Rain of chaos, that is guaranteed and every other that we may spawn, has this chance reduced, let’s say by 50%. (You could also go further, and have third one have 25% chance of giving us rain of chaos and stop it there) This would fit into the “chaotic” theme of Destruction very well. But what’s more important, is that it would have some potential outside of big CD’s, because if we can’t rely on already RNG mini Infernal that could spawn after Blasphemy grants us rain of chaos, our dmg is almost gone… Right now we just sometimes don’t get that mini Infernal anyway but if we have it taken away for sure, we’re done.

Those are my 2 ideas, I know that you perceive the game differently, but there is more to this topic, than handful of MDI players or 50 top parses in the world for destruction warlocks. These people play really well and they just do sick dmg, this isn’t true for 99% of Destro wl’s who’s characters going to be shredded after Wednesday.


also a thing , why just dont increase the shard gen at the same time from immolate and incinerate , so it can stay the same in st , u can still get some more value in aoe , but not this current overload

Well I hope they give you a more… “proper” nerf, Fay. /pray
Honestly after seeing them gut so many things to nerf them over the years I’m not super hopeful :’)

Good, Now bugger off and play a balanced class/spec.

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It won’t be dead. it just won’t do more dps in keys than the other 2 dps put together.

The nerf to destro’s AOE should have happened at least a couple of months ago. It sucks that they left it this long, but the nerf is fair and needed.

I did 26 halls for fun one day with a fury warrior with full mythic gear, yep, gavel from Jailer on M also. He did 24k dps overal, and so did I.
That’s hardly a double, no ? You people have no clue about average players that play the game, you only come in to hate in topics like this. Seeing your avatars and classes, you clearly don’t play warlock. If you think that you should “rejoice” because this is somewhat a victory for your under-presented specs/classes for high keys, I don’t… I really don’t want to bring you the bad news :smiling_imp:

  • what I mean is that as of now, the SV hunters and most definitely WW monks, will hard outperfom any destro warlocks, now, will I ever go to their subforums and present my sad face over there? Hell no, lmao
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Just wanted too say…
Yooooo that ain’t no average player.
Mythic gavel has 0.88% drop chance (and it’s mythic jailer?!)

Go ahead and look me up on Raider IO. Near the top on the left you will see a section headed ‘About Tyssera (Alt of Esinia)’. Once you’ve done that, come back and explain to me again how I don’t play warlock.

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Tbh I dont care at all, I just dont get why people malding over destro on destro forums when they are not targeted by the nerfs, if somehing goes bad for you, that means everyone must suffer the same? I gave up an idea and it’s not for you to bash your head against it, because you clearly are not enjoying the spec rn. Anyway. I am satisfied as the nerfs will be held on for this season.
So see ya

Good luck on getting into the top 0.1%, since that’s obviously what was bothering you so much.

Unfortunately you are thinking about LOGICAL solution

Thats not how things are done here

Therefore NOPE :writing_hand:

The issue is clearly shard generation allowing rain of fire spam.

My proposition is:

  • nerf Immolotion aura dmg on blasphemy and infernal by 50% and
  • decrese shard gen on blashemy by 50%.
  • compensate in Single target damage on incinerate and
  • increase shard gen on conflagrate from 0,5 → 1

I would leave shard gen on infernal intact.

I think it should be dead. High risk, high reward. There is not a single brain cell you need to play destro.

I’m not even good at playing it yet it produces numbers my main (balance) can only dream of.

My last run DoS https://imgur.com/a/XZjNIFx

I played this wl for roughly a month now, while my balance is left in the gutter for a whole season now.

Glad that SV and WL will be destroyed by the next season.

This is the kind of malicious comment that leads people to say druid players deserve to be bottom dps. Thanks for doing your part to turn the community against us.

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But if they can change the destro 4 piece , cant they change maybe also the aff 4 piece ?

what made u think they care?

Good point lets hope for 10.0 i guess

Any source? No one ever said anything regarding druids deserve whatever you are imagining lol. Only people who hate druids are the devs right now and not the community.

Forum is full of negative feedback regarding not balanced m+ though.

With this season I started to play as an fotm reroller and it’s much easier to play this game for me now. It’s enjoyable. :ok_hand:

This is nasty. This is malicious.

Why did you have to post something so nasty? Are you really that bitter and vindictive?

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MDI has this weird trickle down effect on the rest of the community.

Will be nice to see the meta specs mixed up a bit.