Upcoming Content Unlocks for WoW Classic

Nice, I like barebones vanilla but around ZG is when the game starts to fully come together

Thanks Blizzard! Good news!

Lol we all heard it way over a year ago

Haha ofc naxx is done so we can play shadowlands that exactly what they want.

However they are hiring a lot new ppl also for classic content ”grumble” what can that be classic 2.0?!
Or tbc?!

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Exactly aq this summer. End of July start August.

Classic will not die after naxx. P6 will be the full classic experience. None of the other raids become irrelevant like retail wow. All of the other phases will still be there.


This would be true if there was a steady stream of new players coming into the game every day like in Vanilla. On Classic, however, there is only a trickle of players actually leaving the game for one reason or another. Only time a guild can meaningfully recruit new players is when another guild falls appart (generally because people leave that guild faster than other guilds).
Some people came back to check out BWL, but they are already gone. Every guild is spamming trade and lfg and generals in high-end zones for recruits that never come.
There will be one more spike for AQ gates and much smalller one for Naxx. But a few months after Naxx release there will be no one left, maybe a one or two “coalition” pugs of the remnants of guilds who stuck it out the longest, comprising of the players who have the mental fortitude to try for a full BiS after killing KT a few times.
In a sense, classic is “dead on arrival”, like the retail trolls said, it’s just the death of million cuts will take 2 years + to play out.

Will these ZG enchants require book like Focus for my mage or will they be like without DM books and just Idoll and Doll from ZG only?

The change was at 1.11 so they might switch things around like they did with that ring from AV reputation not untill p5…

So I wonder which patch is ZG the old or new enchants?

Reports from PTR indicate it’s the latest iteration. Two idols per lockout and that’s it, no DM books.

Too early. We have been waiting for Classic many years for rushing all the content in 18 months.


Hoping for fast TBC on separate server


Are you serious talking about phase 5 in September/October? What people should do half a year than? Hopefully they will release phase 6 already in autumn.

Good job Blizzard, steady and fast unlocking. It is not logical to time gate that much a 15-year-old game. And the sooner you announce TBC, the better. Can’t wait to re-play the pinnacle of WoW in terms of lore, gameplay and dungeons/raids.


Get the fu… out of here dude

Now that’s a little uncalled for, don’t you think? Yes I try to err on the side of pessimism, but there is nothing incorrect or insulting in my post to warrant such a response. Why don’t you instead post what you disagree with. That more people are leaving Classic than coming in? That it will get much worse after Naxx?

Edit: The unspoken point of my post, if it needs spelling out, is that Blizzard better announce TBC Classic soon and release it no later than 6 months after Naxx if they hope to keep the subs coming in.

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awesome!! Arathi Basin here we come!

No zg needs to be now for 20 man casual guilds

Lv10… play 0.5 hours a month?

He’s right though, once Naxx is released Classic is over.
With no new content to attract new players or keep the current playerbase engaged Classic will shrink away and everyone will flock to TBC for the cycle to begin anew (with TBC at least having a lot more going for it).
Releasing Classic as a carbon copy of Vanilla rather than a remaster that captured the “vanilla feeling” was a tremendous mistake on Blizzard’s end, even the private server hosts knew that the only way to keep people engaged in Vanilla content was to either A) make changes or B) reset the servers after finishing a cycle of Vanilla progression.

How about a new fresh Classic period? Then TBC?

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